Yonsei super rookie Lee “I’m grinding my teeth” Lee Chae-hyung prepares for comeback

Yonsei’s super rookies Lee Ju-young and Lee Chae-hyung are ready to return.

Injury struck Yonsei at the beginning of this season. Super rookies Lee Joo-young and Lee Chae-hyung were sidelined with fractures in their feet. Now, they are in the final stages of rehabilitation and are preparing for their comeback.

“It was the first pain I’ve ever felt in my life,” said Lee Joo-young at Yonsei University’s Sinchon campus gym on Friday. I reflected a lot on the fact that I overdid it. Now I’m in the final stages of rehabilitation. In the second semester, I think I can join the team and help them achieve their goals.”

Lee Chae-hyung said, “When I was injured, my first thought was, ‘This is wrong’. I actually played through the pain, but I regretted it. The team helped me rehabilitate and I’m recovering well, so I’ll be back soon.”

Lee and Lee Chae-hyung came to prominence last year after leading South Korea to the 2022 FIBA U18 Asian Men’s Basketball Championship. Lee enrolled at Yonsei with much fanfare, but an untimely injury ended his freshman season early.

“I was really disappointed more than anyone else. (Lee) and Chae-hyung prepared really well together. But the first year is not everything. There are important playoffs and regular games. I’m trying to think of it as medicine,” Lee said.

Lee Chae-hyung also said, “I was confident that I could do well because I prepared well, but after I got injured, I lost a lot of energy. There were a lot of fans coming to every home game, and seeing that made me really want to play,” she said.

Yonsei is currently missing not only Lee Ju-young and Lee Chae-hyung, but also Yoo Yoo-sang, Kim Bobae, and Kang Ji-hoon due to injury. Nevertheless, they still managed to defeat Sangmyung University 74-50 to improve to 10-1 on the season. If Lee and Lee Chae-hyung return, the team will be able to enter the playoffs and regular season with a stronger squad.안전놀이터

“When I came to Yonsei, I realized that the fans’ enthusiasm was amazing. Even when I’m not playing, they give me so much support. I want to show the fans how to win, so I’m preparing with Chaehyung Lee.”

Lee Chae-hyung said, “I want to play as well as the fans expect and show them a good performance. I will do my best to deliver a good result to meet their expectations.”

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