Yeomgalang, Choi Won-tae and SOS

It rained all over the country on the 5th. It rained early on at Jamsil Stadium, where Game 3 of the Children’s Day series between Doosan and LG was scheduled. With the cancellation of the game also decided early, LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop told the team’s management direction from various angles in the LG dugout.스포츠토토

In the short term, the team decided to change the starting order. Initially, the LG Twins started the day with foreign pitcher Casey Kelly. Kelly, who had been on the mound for several years as a foreign ace, would generally prefer to take one more day off and take the mound twice on Tuesday and Sunday. However, LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop has decided to elevate Korean right-hander Choi Won-tae as the starting pitcher at the match against the SSG in Jamsil on Tuesday. Kelly’s appearance will be postponed to Saturday. Choi is expected to start twice this week.

The reason why Yeom changed his starting order is that Choi Won-tae is currently showing the most outstanding performance among LG starters. Choi has been on the rise since mid-April, with four wins, one loss and a 3.49 ERA in seven games this season. In the last three games, he has recorded three wins, no losses and a 0.95 ERA. He has also shown his ability to digest innings while keeping the mound for six to six innings, and his WHIP (per-inning on-base percentage) has also hit 0.74 during this period.

In fact, Choi is also a difficult player for Yeom, who has been with him as a coach and player since his days with the Heroes. Only Choi Won-tae knows about his condition. While explaining the reason for Choi’s recent improvement through his pitching balance, Yeom said, “Only Choi Won-tae knows.”

Recently, Choi also showed his pitching movements in the bullpen, frequently checking his balance, and it seems that he is looking for a way out in the process. Yeom’s plan is to deploy Choi once more, who is currently in the best pace, to increase the chance of winning. He also intends to change the starting matchup with the opponent by changing the starting order once. “I have a winning percentage of .500 to plus three. I have to overcome the difficulties,” Yeom said, expecting a change in the overall trend.

As Choi Won-tae moves to the front of Kelly, his expected matchup with the opposing team’s starting pitcher will change for the time being. The opposing team where each starting pitcher meets will also undergo changes. Choi will also take the mound against Lotte in Sajik on Sunday, after taking the mound against SSG on Tuesday. It was an unexpected meeting with Lotte. Kelly will also take the mound against SSG this week and against Kiwoom in Jamsil, which was not in his original schedule next week.

As of Tuesday, LG had 18 wins, two draws and 17 losses, and is struggling to secure a winning percentage of 50 percent. As of May, LG had two wins and two losses, but the team lost both of its previous games in the Children’s Day series against the Doosan Bears, increasing its “tense.” In the midst of a change, LG’s bench started in order. Yeom expects the change to be a clue to change the overall trend.

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