Why did Kim Sung-hyun leave for Japan all of a sudden… Let’s do something. All out to save the injured

Kim Seong-hyeon (37), a veteran utility player in the SSG infield, was hit in the back of his hand on April 21 at a match against LG in Incheon. Although he was sick, he didn’t think it was a serious injury at first. That’s how the player felt himself. The club followed what the player said for now.

However, the pain did not subside easily over time, and the aftermath of being hit by the ball lasted quite a long time. Eventually, the examination revealed a microfracture on the back of the hand. The results obtained from both medical institutions were the same. He was unable to play baseball due to the cracked back of his hand, and immediately went on to the injured list and began rehabilitation. He decided to rest for about two weeks, then conduct a reexamination to determine his recovery more accurately and then schedule his return.메이저사이트

Kim Seong-hyeon may not be the main player on the team without fail. He did not contribute significantly to the offense by posting a batting average of 0.232 and five RBIs in 19 games during this season. However, he is a player that anyone can value. Kim Seong-hyeon can play both second base, shortstop, and third baseman in an excellent way. He was sometimes the player who played as a second baseman but filled in the position when shortstop Park Sung-han or third baseman Choi Jeong-ui needed a break. As SSG coach Lee Sung-yong said, Kim Seong-hyeon was a must-have player for players to rest. It was more than just performance. After Kim Seong-hyeon’s absence, confusion began to arise in the SSG infield.

Even SSG, which knew the importance of Kim Sung-hyun, couldn’t help but sit still. It was important to make a comeback as soon as possible. I had to do something. That’s why I looked into Ijima Hospital in Japan with the intention of catching a straw. It is a place that is well known for being good at helping players rehabilitate. Professional Japanese players as well as Korean players often visit there. SSG announced its intention to Kim Sung-hyun, and Kim said, “I will gladly go there,” creating a mini-program.

Kim Sung-hyun left the country on April 29 and is still undergoing rehabilitation at Ijima Hospital. There may be no universal governing drug, but it is still a desperate measure to pull the timing of his return even a few days. Kim Sung-hyun will receive rehabilitation treatment until the 10th and then return to Korea for a checkup. If he is in good condition here, he is expected to be able to return to practice sooner than he originally expected for a month.

It is SSG who is depressed due to injury. Choo Shin-soo was out after being hit by a check ball from the season-opening series, and Kim Sung-hyun was hit by a ball, and rookie Park Ji-hwan, who had been showing signs of developing into a key second baseman, was also diagnosed with a microfracture in the central bone after being hit by a ball at a match against Hanwha in Daejeon on April 30. Again, he was immediately excluded from the entry of the primary team.

The nightmare does not end there. Han Yu-seom, who has been displaying relentless home run pace this year, has been excluded from the entry due to fine damage to his left intestinal muscles. A four to five-day rest period is enough to allow him to begin technical training, but he has to take 10 days anyway. Ko Hyo-joon, a left-hander, felt an abnormality in his right hamstring while defending against NC in Incheon on May 4, and was eventually found partially damaged and was also excluded from the entry into the first team. The pain is not very serious, but he needs to rest for at least two weeks to monitor the situation and undergo a re-examination.

SSG is a veteran’s team, and it should be seen that they are more exposed to the threat of injury. On top of that, I feel even more upset as more and more players are being kicked out of the first team after being hit by the ball. The time to test SSG’s basic physical strength has come sooner than expected, with it important to hold out as much as possible until the injured return. Attention is focusing on whether the crisis can be turned into an opportunity.

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