Will “Ace” Lee Kang-in, the top scorer in the Cup for the first time in 13 years, make it

Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain), a key midfielder of the Korean national soccer team led by Jürgen Klinsmann (Germany), is aiming to become the top scorer at the Asian Cup.

Klinsmann will play Saudi Arabia in the round of 16 of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup at Education City Stadium in Alayyan, Qatar, at 1 a.m. on the 31st (Korea time).

Korea is a powerhouse representing Asia, but it has not won the Asian Cup since the second event in 1960. It has also failed to produce the top scorer for 13 years since Koo Ja-cheol (Jeju United), who scored five goals at the 2011 Qatar World Cup.라바카지노도메인

He aims to win the title at this year’s event. He aims to capture Saudi Arabia and lead the team to win the title. Also, Lee Kang-in, who is tying for second in score tally with three goals, is expected to become the top scorer.

Lee Kang-in scored multiple goals in the first Group E match against Bahrain on the 15th, giving his team a 3-1 victory.

In the third Group H match against Malaysia on Saturday (a 3-3 draw), he scored a valuable free kick goal to tie the match. The AFC first decision was made by a Malaysian goalkeeper, but it was later recognized as a goal by Lee Kang-in.

Lee Kang-in scored three goals in the tournament and is tied for second place in the tournament with Ayase Ueda (Japan) and Akram Afif (Qatar).

[Doha (Qatar) = Newsis] Reporter Kim Geun-soo = Lee Kang-in of the Korean national soccer team is coming out to the training site of the Al-Eglah Training Center in Doha, Qatar on the 27th (local time). 2024.01.27. ks@newsis.com

He not only scores but also performs well. Lee Kang-in was selected as one of the five players who showed good performance in the group stage of the tournament selected by AFP. He was selected along with Afif, Ayman Hussein of Iraq, Musab al-Battat of Palestine, and Mehdi Gayedi of Iran.

“Coach Klinsmann made Lee Kang-in the core of the team. Lee Kang-in repaid the coach’s trust,” the media said, explaining that Korea’s core resource in this tournament is Lee Kang-in.

In fact, Lee Kang-in participated in the tournament as a resource on the right side of Klinsmann’s team, revitalizing the offense. As it is the center of the strategy, Lee Kang-in has become a mainstay so that if he is sluggish, the team will shake together.

Like a player who also plays as a mainstay in PSG, a strong team in French professional football Ligue 1, he is also playing as an ace in the Korean national team, which is the Asian leader.

If Lee Kang-in performs well against Saudi Arabia, South Korea is expected to advance to the quarterfinals.

If Lee Kang-in scores himself, it is expected to be closer to Korea’s victory and the top scorer in 13 years.

The player’s commitment is also unique. “I will prepare better so that we can get better results,” Lee said. “We will unite as one and win the next game.”

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