Will ‘Man City vs Team K League’ be held…’Couple Series’ to invite big clubs even without Korean players

Can there be a confrontation between the K-League All-Star team and the big clubs in Europe this summer?

The Coupang Play series is a large-scale sports event that debuted in the summer of 2022. Tottenham Hotspur and the K-League All-Star team faced each other. Tottenham and Sevilla, which were held afterwards, also received a lot of attention as ‘Preview UEFA Champions League’. The Seoul and Suwon World Cup Stadiums, where the two matches were held, were filled with full crowds.

The Coupang Play series returns this year as well. The search for a new team to invite this summer is in full swing. One of the teams already mentioned is Manchester City, who are in their best form this season. Many media outlets such as Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ and ‘Football London’ reported, “Man City are expected to visit Asia this summer. They plan to visit Japan, Korea and Thailand.”카지노사이트

An official familiar with the situation of European football also said in a phone call with ‘Footballist’, “It is not confirmed yet, but there is a high possibility that Man City will visit Korea. Details of the contract remain. We are working hard,” he said.

Man City is a team that continues to compete for the EPL championship this season. They are 4 points behind Arsenal, but they have played one less game. It is a situation where even one win can be narrowed down to one point. In the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL), there is a high possibility of reaching the quarterfinals as they beat Bayern Munich 3-0 in the first leg of the quarterfinals. The FA Cup is also in the semifinals, so it continues to challenge for three crowns this season. Including Elling Holland, who is the leading scorer this season, Kevin De Bruyne,

The K-League is highly likely to be invited as an All-Star team this year as well. The Korea Professional Football Federation and Coupang Play signed a comprehensive partnership agreement last year, including new media broadcasting rights. The Coupang Play series is also part of it. An official from the Pro League said, “We are talking closely with Coupang. We can use the end of July when there is no K-League 1 schedule. We are thinking of an all-star team like last season.” This year, K League 1 will have a two-week break from July 23rd to August 3rd. In the meantime, there is no problem with the schedule even if an All-Star game is arranged.

One of the reasons the existing All-Star Game was criticized was that it received an event proposal during the season and hastily organized an unreasonable schedule. This year, the Coupang Play series is in mind from the beginning.

Last year’s team K-League match was a great success. He scored three goals against Tottenham and showed tight performance, and a new star named Yang Hyun-joon appeared. It had the effect of attracting football fans who watched Tottenham-centered European football to the K-League, as well as match revenue from the professional league.

The team mentioned besides Man City is Hwang Hee-chan’s Wolverhampton Wanderers. According to the report of the British ‘Express and Star’, Wolverhampton turned to visiting Korea from the US tour this summer. For the pre-season, we want to play friendly matches against other European teams in Korea. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) was also nominated for an invitational team, but it is known that it was canceled due to high invitation fees.

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