PGA Tour’absent’ McIlroy’s fellow players are also’absolutely’

 Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland) is in danger of losing the strong trust he has received from the PGA Tour leaders and fellow players.

McIlroy dropped out of the PGA Tour RBC Heritage after missing the cut at the Masters.

It was a decision made because being eliminated from the Masters Cut was so disappointing and shocking, but it was difficult to avoid criticism because it was in fact ‘unauthorized withdrawal’.

McIlroy did not even properly disclose the reason for not participating in RBC Heritage, which he had initially promised to participate in, and did not express regret to the organizers and fans.

He usually apologizes to the organizers and fans for not being able to participate, along with an acceptable reason, such as an injury, when a player withdraws from the competition.카지노사이트

Moreover, RBC Heritage is one of the PGA Tour designated ‘special events’ that must be attended to receive the Player Impact Index Program (PIP) bonus.

Only one PGA Tour designated ‘special tournament’ can be absent unless there is a legitimate reason such as injury, but McIlroy has already been absent from the Sentry Tournament of Champions in January for no other reason.

This is the second PGA Tour-designated ‘special tournament’ to be absent.

As a result, it was pointed out that McIlroy lost his eligibility for PIP bonuses, and voices were raised that he should be fined $3 million.

Zander Chopley (USA) said on the 17th (Korean time), “If this issue is overlooked, the sponsoring company that hosts the tournament will worry about the players not participating in the future.” You have to have a top-notch player to play,” he told Golf Digest.

Rickie Fowler (USA) also agreed to discipline McIlroy, saying, “We need to discuss this issue through a transparent process.”

Joel Damon (USA) criticized McIlroy, saying, “He took the lead in changing the PGA Tour (designation of special tournaments, etc.),” and “He has a lot of money, so 3 million dollars may be insignificant, but rules are rules.”

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