“Why are you watching the video?” Jung Yoonjin is angry at the dubious decision. Why?

Deoksu defeated Gwangju Jeil High School 7-3 in the quarterfinals at the 78th National High School Baseball Classic and the Weekend League match held at Mokdong Baseball Stadium on Saturday. Deoksu will continue its journey to the Golden Lion championship for the first time in seven years since 2017. Deoksu will face off with Seoul Convention High School on Wednesday for a ticket to the finals.

The team won, but coach Chung Yoon-jin was not happy. It was because of the video review. “I won the game, but there is a scene that I want to point out. I was completely safe, but the second base umpire ruled me out. So I asked for a video review. When I saw him in person during the game, I thought he was safe for timing. He was safe even when I watched the game again on a slow screen, but the original trial was maintained,” he said with a full-hearted look.메이저놀이터

The scene in which Jung raised the issue appeared in the second inning. Deoksu had a chance to hit the first and second bases with one out in the second inning when the team was tied 0-0. When Park Min-seok was at bat, Gwangju Jeil High School catcher Choi Hyun-kyu threw to the second base, and second baseman Lee Yoon-woo caught and tagged runner Yoo. The second base umpire declared his out. Then, Jung immediately asked for a video review. After turning the screen for a long time, the video review center declared the original verdict. Regarding the scene, Jung claimed that Yoo’s hand touched the base first, and Lee Yoon-woo’s glove was tagged later.

“It’s safe no matter how many times you replay the video clip. Everyone who watched the game has the same voice. If this is going to happen, I don’t know why people use video replay. Not only me but also many high school baseball coaches are protesting this. Many coaches say they cannot trust the video replay. The Korea Baseball Softball Association should come up with a solution to this problem,” Chung said.

Deoksu had a chance to score the first run in the early days of the game. Second baseman Yoo Yong-jae was out after a video review, and the flow almost stopped. However, Deoksu scored a point due to his opponent’s error. Gwangju Jeil High School third baseman Kim Sung-joon made a mistake in throwing an infield grounder hit by Deoksu Park Min-seok, and a runner on the first base came home and took the first run.

With the score tied 2-2 in the series of games, Deoksu scored a point on his opponent’s error in the sixth inning. The leadoff hitter Yoo Yong-jae got on base due to a shortstop error, and Jung Min-seo drew a walk to get a chance to score a point. Deoksu created a chance to hit second and third base with a double steal, and Park Han-jeol walked all bases. Deoksu got one point when Park Min-seok hit a grounder to shortstop, and Kwon Hyun-woo from Gwangju Jeil High School added another point when Park Joon-soon hit a wild pitch.

Again in the seventh inning, Deoksu had a chance to get first and second base with one out, thanks to Woo Jung-an’s hit to the left. Jung Min-seo’s timely hit added one more run. In the eighth inning, he sealed the victory. Bae Seung-soo and Park Joon-soon got on base with consecutive hits, and Oh Si-hoo got a walk and took a chance to load the bases. Deoksu got one run on Woo’s grounder to the second base, and Um Jun-sang’s infield hit to the third base added another run.

On the mound, Deoksu High School’s one-two punch, Jung Hyun-woo (four hits, three walks, five strikeouts, two runs) and Kim Tae-hyung (two hits, one strikeout, one run, and one run, in two ⅔ innings) also defended their victory by pitching well.

Deoksu is considered a strong contender for the title this season. Both pitchers and batters were evaluated as outstanding. Deoksu, who already lifted the Shinsegae E-Mart Cup trophy in the previous championship, is aiming to become the top of the Golden Lion.

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