The historical home run hitter who was replaced with “What should I do?” I can’t believe that the team with 6 consecutive losses won’t be able to unravel like this

SSG Landers Choi Jung was replaced due to injury during the game. Choi started as third batter and third baseman at a home game against the Hanwha Eagles at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on Saturday, but had an unexpected injury after finishing at-bat in the bottom of the fifth inning. Choi had his first hit to left at-bat in the first inning against Hanwha starter Ryu Hyun-jin on the day, and was caught as a fly to the second baseman in the second inning of the third inning. In the bottom of the fifth inning, he had a showdown with Ryu for the third time without a runner out, and was grounded out to the pitcher.

However, Choi touched his left shoulder while returning to the dugout after being outed at the first base, making him look uncomfortable. SSG trainer also started quick checking. Choi, who repeatedly returned to the bench complaining of shoulder discomfort, was eventually replaced ahead of defense in the top of the sixth inning. SSG deployed Choi Kyung-mo as its third base defense. Since Choi was out, Choi and Oh Tae-gon have played defense at the third base.스포츠토토

“I felt pain in my left shoulder while swinging at the batter’s box in the fifth inning,” SSG said after Choi Jeong’s replacement. “We replaced him to protect the player, and we will decide whether to have a medical checkup after checking his condition.” Since it is rare that Choi Jeong, a batter, felt shoulder pain while swinging at the batter’s box, the team was in a situation where it was inevitable.

Already, SSG has been in a losing streak recently. On the same day, Choi Jung was even tied in a dramatic tie after he was replaced, but allowed the team to turn the game around again in overtime, losing 2-4. It was a defeat that continued for a whopping six consecutive losses. In the midst of this, worried attention is bound to be paid to Choi Jung’s shoulder condition.

Choi Jeong-eun, the best home run hitter in history who broke Lee Seung-yeop’s record for most home runs in the KBO League, has had a bad batting performance lately. It was also true that Choi Jeong, who led his team’s batting lineup in the early days of this season, slowed down a bit with a batting average of 229 percent (eight hits in 35 times at bat) and one home run in the recent 10 games, reducing the power of his central lineup to some extent. Choi himself seemed to be more focused than usual on preparing for the game as the result did not come out. He is a veteran hitter who holds such a strong sense of responsibility and responsibility.

Fortunately, if it’s not a serious injury, it’s a relief, but if it’s not, the future calculation will be complicated. If Choi Jung, a solid third baseman and key batter, is missing, Choi Kyung-mo and Oh Tae-gon will have to take charge of the gap in third base immediately like the game. In addition, if Choi Jung is missing, the weight of Guillermo Herredia and Han Yu-seom will increase, and the overall weight of the batting line will become loose.

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