What will the delightful ‘Ilta Instructor’ from Japan say to Doosan’s Young Guns?

Tweezers ‘Ilta Instructor’ has appeared in Sydney, Australia. This is Hisanori Takahashi (48), who joined Doosan’s field training as a pitching instructor.

Instructor Takahashi unpacked in Sydney on the 7th. Joining camp starts on the 8th. He plans to spend two weeks in Sydney with the Doosan team, tutoring the pitchers.

Instructor Takahashi’s main role is to help left-handed pitchers develop. Coach Lee Seung-yeop, who brought him in, said, “I expect it to be of great help to the growth of young left-handers.” A Doosan official said, “We will look at the entire pitching staff, but the focus will be on young left-handed pitchers.”

Instructor Takahashi played for 16 years in Japan and the United States. His heyday was spent in Yomiuri. When coach Lee was active as the fourth hitter in Yomiuri, instructor Takahashi guarded the mound as a left-handed ace. The invitation of an instructor also originated from this relationship. Since his 2015 retirement, he has been active as a baseball commentator, broadcast commentator, and YouTuber. Last year, he took office as Yomiuri temporary coach in the middle of the season and focused on tutoring young pitchers in the 2nd and 3rd teams for 20 days.

During his active career, he attracted attention with his lively and cheerful personality, unlike the conservative Yomiuri team color. The episode in which he was nominated as the ‘Banquet Manager’ of Yomiuri during his time as director Shigeo Nagashima is also famous in Japan. 슬롯사이트

His guiding philosophy also seems to be an extension of his personality during his active service. Instructor Takahashi finished his role as temporary coach in Yomiuri in August of last year and said in an interview with Sports Hochi, “I approached young players with a policy of ‘fun and simple’.” In particular, “The pitcher has to catch the strike. He emphasized his confident pitching, saying, “Let’s start with a simple strike.” Referring to the case of Yuki Takahashi (26), who rose to prominence in the Yomiuri mound with 11 wins the previous year and fell into extreme sluggishness within a year, “Isn’t your pitch incomparably better than mine during active play? Let’s start with the strike zone attack. The results are later,” he said.

Confidence on the mound is the biggest virtue that young pitchers should have. Doosan brought five left-handers to Sydney, including Jang Won-jun (38), Kim Ho-jun (25), Choi Seung-yong (22), Lee Won-jae (20), and Lee Byung-hun (20). All of them are young pitchers in their 20s, except for Jang Won-joon, a veteran who has been through a lot of prenatal battles. If Takahashi Instructor can help them grow mentally, it is a great result for Doosan.

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