People who lead the 2021 KBF Division League, Part 4_Park Jeong-kyu, CEO of System Development Co., Ltd.

The KBF Billiards Division League, a long-term project of the Korea Billiards Federation (Chairman Park Bo-hwan), achieved great results in the first season despite the Corona 19 pandemic, and the second season began this year.

This year, a total of 170 leagues, 704 teams, and about 7,000 club members are participating in the division league. As so many teams compete almost simultaneously, one of the most important elements of the division league is the system.

In the last interview, Professor Choo Jong-ho, who has been with Korea’s division league since its inception, cited the system as the most basic qualification for the division league. In that respect, he praised that there is no sport with a better system than billiards in Korea.

In this [People Leading the KBF Division League], we met Park Jeong-gyu, CEO of Cusco Co., Ltd., who was in charge of system development for the KBF billiard division league, and heard about the development of applications and systems dedicated to the division.

What role does Cusco play in the KBF billiards divisional league?

Cusco has been in charge of the system in the comprehensive competitions of the Korea Billiards Federation. He was in charge of system development and construction through bidding for this division league project, and he developed a division-specific system for about 6 months to 1 year. Since the first season, we have been supporting the system so that the ‘KBF Billiards Division League’, which has been held nationwide, can proceed well.

Is the division system completely different from the Cusco system used in the existing Korea Billiards Federation’s general competition?

Yes. The Division-specific system had to be completely rebuilt from scratch. First of all, the Korea Billiards Federation’s comprehensive competition is focused on individual competitions, but the biggest difference is that the division league is a competition where teams compete. Therefore, the system was completely rebuilt, and a dedicated director app is currently being developed, which will be completed within this year.

What did you put the most emphasis on while building the KBF division system?

There is only one thing to focus on when building the system. Even if the system is used simultaneously in an unspecified area, the results come in well without problems. There was no difficulty in this part because the Cusco system is a system that is already being used simultaneously by 1,000 unspecified number of clubs across the country.

Inevitably, a system was added to allow manual input when making a division in a region where Cusco is not installed. In this case, it is difficult to keep a record of each inning, but total points, total innings, average, high run, etc. can be recorded.

Through the division system, it is possible to systematically organize the database of club members.

Yes. The division league will be the starting point for group records. Individual records are also records here, but what has a greater meaning is that team records accumulate. It is expected that this record will allow us to know the strength of unity and individual contribution to the team, and will be the starting point for various uses.

What do you feel while watching the first division league last season?

Although I did not personally participate in the division league as a fellow player, our employees participated directly in the division league in each region. I watched with great interest at the company level, and the satisfaction and evaluation of the participating employees were good.

If you approach it systematically, no matter how well-made the system is, unexpected issues will arise due to simultaneous access in the early years. I focused on responding to that part, but I improved on the problems that appeared in the 1st and 2nd rounds, and from the 3rd round it is evaluated that it has stabilized.

What were the difficulties you felt while preparing for the division league system?

There were no technical difficulties. It was a skill we all already had. However, there was no difficulty except that the team results had to come out as a team, not individual records. However, as I said before, the biggest goal was to minimize the problems that could arise when using it for the first time, no matter how well it was made.

No matter how much directors are trained and how to use it, it is impossible to know if you do not use it, so we anticipated and prepared for the issues that arise in the early stages. Going through the 1st and 2nd rounds, the directors became accustomed to using it and were able to stabilize it.

It was just that part that was difficult. Adaptation of the directors in the beginning and resolving the parts that could not be checked in the system. While still using it, we continue to respond to directors’ requests for complaints or improvements.

How can people participating in The Division use the Division system?

Through the division-only app, you can check not only personal records, but also our team’s scores and rankings on the field. Because you can check the scores and rankings of rival teams right away, the usage is high on the day of the division. In addition, you can analyze the strategy of the rival team in advance, so you can get help in establishing a team strategy.

Starting this year, in addition to carom events, pocket events have been added to the division league. I would have had to add a new system.

There were additional developments for the pocketball event because there are many differences from the carom event in terms of ranking calculation and various aspects. It would be nice to increase the number of people participating in pocketball through divisions and find the fun of participating in the tournament. There are fewer people playing than Carom now, but I think we can expect that the number of users will gradually increase through the division league.

The division-only application will be newly completed this year. What will be different?

The design has completely changed. Readability has improved, and it has become much more convenient to view records. The two biggest changes are: Convenience of design and accessibility. I would like to provide game videos later, but that part requires additional discussion because it generates a lot of traffic. If there is a function recommended in the field, we will continue to develop and apply it. 

Billiards, which was enjoyed as an individual sport, can now be enjoyed as a team sport due to the division league. What does it mean?

In Europe, this kind of team league is already very well done. Not only amateurs, but also professional players in the 1st division. I hope that our country will also create a culture where amateurs can belong to a team and enjoy the game through the activation of such a team league. In that respect, I am rooting for this division league more.

Even in the comprehensive competition, there is a special feeling given by the team competition than the individual competition. I also like the organic experience that can be experienced in group exhibitions rather than individual exhibitions, so I often participate in group exhibitions. Currently, the competition is held with 4 players per team in the division league, but it would be nice to increase the number of games later so that more team members participate as a team. Wouldn’t it be more fun to have an odd number of team members rather than an even number? 카지노

Right now, the division league is only individual-to-individual matches. There was also an opinion to increase the participation of female club members by adding a mixed doubles event.

Of course, that would be nice, but in some provinces, there are no female clubs. If that happens, the division league itself will have difficulties because the team composition itself will not work. I’d rather get rid of the handyman altogether, leaving only copies in the end, the controversy over the handyman would disappear and the game would be more fun.

If the Scotch doubles match is also grouped by number of copies, it is possible to participate regardless of whether it is mixed or of the same gender, so I think this will be more feasible as it is possible to organize players according to the team situation.

How would you like the division league to develop in the future?

Last year, there was a lot of difficulties due to corona, but it was well finished. This year, too, it will slow down for a while because of the corona, but from now on, they say that they have to live in the era of ‘with corona’, so I hope more club members will participate in D5 next year. So that you can enjoy billiards without worrying about prize money.

Later, when our team goes up to D1 and becomes a team that plays an active role, there will be a reward for that amount, so I hope that we will continue to work towards that goal without getting tired. In addition, if there are more systematically necessary parts, we will try to develop and provide them.

Is there anything you would like to tell your friends who are participating in the Division League?

Since there is no prize money in the division league, there are club members who are hesitant to participate. The Division League is a place where everyone from beginners to enthusiasts can participate, so I hope that part is meaningful. I hope that the goal is to enjoy billiards rather than simply winning prize money. The hope is that you will enjoy the process of creating a team and making it grow.

It is an ambitious project prepared by the federation. In the meantime, I put a lot of energy and put my heart into it. I hope club members understand this purpose and have a new perception that they can enjoy billiards as a team. Depending on the region, there are regions where clubs are active, and it would be nice to be able to enjoy the Division League more actively around those regions. 

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