What I thought on that messy day… A rookie competes 152km head-to-head against a superstar

Roun Lee (19), the 1st round nominee for SSG in 2023, showed good performance at the beginning of the season, but was twisted in the Incheon NC game on the 16th. He took the mound in a messy game, but gave up two runs and two hits and two walks in 1⅓ innings. The first earned run average of his first-team career went up.

The ball was fast and still heavy. However, he did not control his pitch well, and as runners piled up, he showed impatient appearance. After this game, Roun Lee confessed that he had a thought and made a decision. After recording the first hold of his debut against kt in Suwon on the 20th, Roun Lee recalled his promise at the time, saying, “I had to think of each ball as the last ball.”카지노

Pro is cold. If you express it a little exaggeratedly, it is a world where you will be stepped on if you do not step on the opponent. The opponent tries not to miss any of my weaknesses. The level is different from high school baseball. Lee Rowun realized that in the midst of hunting. Roun Lee confidently said, “I thought that one wrongly thrown ball could bring about bigger things behind the scenes.

In the match against kt in Suwon on the 20th, Lee Rowoon caught the fans’ attention with a different look. SSG didn’t have enough pitchers to start the 8th inning with an 8-5 lead. This is because they have already exhausted right-handed Seung-joon Choi Min-joon and Roh Kyung-eun ahead of them. However, I couldn’t entrust the second inning to finisher Seo Jin-yong. At that time, director Kim Won-hyung made a bold choice. Lee Rowun was raised and left for one inning.

It was also the opponent’s center batting line in the 8th inning, leading to Kang Baek-ho, Alford Park Byeong-ho. Perhaps he was entrusted with a more difficult situation than the ninth inning finish. However, Iroun bravely overcame it. He took a head-to-head match against these big guns with his fast ball.

It was an active power confrontation from the match with the first batter Kang Baek-ho. In 1B-1S, he struck out consecutive swings by inserting a 151 km/h fastball (based on Trackman below) with 3 and 4 consecutive pitches. Kang Baek-ho, who has a fast bat speed, couldn’t catch the timing for this fastball as if he was embarrassed. For Lee Roun, it was a moment when he could be confident that his ball would work against the superstar’s miss.

He then induced Alford, the best hitter in the league this season, with a fly ball from center fielder, and Park Byeong-ho, the league’s home run king last year, finished the most difficult 8th inning with a ground ball from second baseman. The first fastball thrown to Park Byung-ho was the fastest on the day at 152.1km. Seven of the nine balls used that day were over 150 km per hour, and 8 were over 150 km, including rounding up the 149.5 km ball.

Lee Rowun said, “I always pitched with all my might, but I think I was able to throw a better ball because I paid more attention to balance.” I made up my mind. Besides victory, SSG fans returned home with another topic to fill their stomachs with.

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