A never-ending challenge… people who have risen from adversity

Today, April 20th, is the 43rd Disabled People’s Day. Reporter Jang Eun-song met disabled sports athletes who are making their dreams come true with passion and sweat

. [Report] [“Take 10 pages on 16, sweep 1, 2, 4, 7, then 5 times. (5 times?)”] A bowler wearing an eye patch listens to the number and location of bowling pins and carefully rolls the ball. . Bowling started as a hobby to endure hard times after losing his eyesight 15 years ago. Thanks to the support of his family, he has been a member of the Jeonbuk Disabled Bowling Association since 4 years ago. He won his individual championship at the National Para Bowling Championship held last year and is running hard towards his dream of ‘national team’. [Soundbite] Bae In-seong/Blind bowler :안전놀이터 “(Daughter) told me that after seeing her father, she had a motto, ‘If you work hard, you can do anything’, so I’m proud to think that there is nothing that can’t be done by working hard even though I have a visual impairment. Let’s do it…”] With one hand, he busily moves the wheel of the wheelchair, and the other deftly catches the flying shuttlecock. Kim Mi-sook, who has been active in the Jeonbuk Disabled Badminton Association for over 10 years. She overcomes her physical limitations and her fear of social prejudice after her legs become uncomfortable through her exercise.

I am happy with the sense of accomplishment I gained from winning a medal at the National Paralympic Games, but now I want to become someone’s hope.

[Soundbite] Kim Mi-sook/Disabled Badminton Player : “There are many disabled people who live alone, and we show them that we are actively exercising like this and say, ‘Oh, I can do it too’…”] Sometimes I get frustrated, sometimes I give up

. I wanted to do it, but athletes with disabilities run for their own resolutions and goals.

They are moving towards the challenge today as well.

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