‘Valley breeze’ I’m Na Sang-ho, only Klins took an eyeprint and ‘excited wind’

In the K-League 1 professional soccer league where goal fireworks are pouring in, an unexpected person leads the scoring race.

Na Sang-ho (27), the side wing that FC Seoul boasts, is the main character. Debuting at Gwangju FC in 2017, he was reborn as a fixer from a dribbler this year, his 7th professional year.

As of the 1st, Na Sang-ho scored 7 goals in 10 K-League 1 (division 1) games, leading the scoring.

Na Sang-ho really rode the spring breeze. Even at the beginning of the opening season, he only scored 1 goal in 4 games in the cold weather, but in April, he scored a whopping 6 goals (6 games). Two years ago, nine goals in 34 games were the highest in the first division, and he had a ‘career high’ reserved. If the atmosphere is like now, you can look at the top scorer in K League 1 following K League 2 (Part 2). He, who scored the highest score in the second division with 16 goals in Gwangju in 2018, emphatically said, “It’s a lie if you’re not greedy for being the top scorer.”

The reason why Na Sang-ho’s challenge to become the top scorer is raising expectations is thanks to his sense of goal that has reached its peak. According to the Professional Football Federation, Na Sang-ho’s goal-to-shot ratio reached 64%, the highest in the K-League 1. Originally, his main foot is his right foot (4 goals), but it is difficult to predict as he uses both feet freely enough to score 3 goals with his left foot. Scoring methods also vary from a surprise shot into the goal to a free kick outside the penalty area.

Na Sang-ho said, “If you shoot only with your right foot, it is easy for the opponent to predict. He trained his left foot to shoot from various positions,” he said. “I have confidence in shooting.”안전놀이터

When he catches the ball, it is also helpful for his teammates to ask for a shot rather than a pass. Na Sang-ho, who has a constitution that does not gain weight, increased his muscle mass by 1kg ahead of the opening ceremony, which helped boost his competitiveness. He, who was passive in fighting with opponents, is now not afraid of losing the ball when trying to break through the dribble. He is improving day by day with Son Heung-min (Tottenham) and Hvitza Kvarach Helia (Napoli) as role models.

Na Sang-ho’s rapid development is expected to have a positive impact on Klinsman, which is about to set sail for the second time in June. He, who was moderated during his former national team coaching days, is now expected to compete with European players. Unfortunately, he scored three goals in two games (Ulsan Hyundai and Suwon FC) that coach Jurgen Klinsmann watched.

Na Sang-ho said, “I am even more happy to score in front of coach Klinsman.”

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