No. 2 player of the month, nominee for team of the year… Mallorca can’t contain Lee Kang-in

Lee Kang-in has become too great a player to remain in Mallorca.

Last April, Lee Kang-in once delivered news that made all the fans who support him happy. He was nominated for the Spanish La Liga Player of the Month award for April. On the 26th (Korean time), La Liga announced the 7 candidates for the April Player of the Month award through official SNS. Lee Kang-in proudly made his name along with 6 others, including Antoine Griezmann and Marco Asensio.

In the end, only Griez swallowed the regret as he was named Player of the Month, but this was the second time Lee Kang-in was nominated for the La Liga Player of the Month award. In August of last year, Lee Kang-in showed great performance and was nominated for the La Liga Player of the Month award. At the time, it was Lee Kang-in who swallowed regret when Borja Iglesias was selected.

Being nominated for the Player of the Month award was a great achievement, but Lee Kang-in did not stop there. La Liga has released the Team of the Year candidates for the 2022-23 season through its official channels. Lee Kang-in was nominated for the midfielder category. Lee Kang-in was included in the 18 midfielders who showed the best performance in La Liga this season.안전놀이터

Of the 18 players, only 3 will be selected, but in addition to the 11 players, up to 4 players with good performances will be selected, so the possibility that Lee Kang-in will be selected for this year’s team cannot be ignored. The selection method is made by fan voting, player voting, and expert panel voting.

As Lee Kang-in continues to write great records, now fans are only interested in which team Lee Kang-in will head for this summer. This is because Lee Kang-in has grown too much to remain in Mallorca. Mallorca is also known to be preparing to break up with Lee Kang-in.

Spain’s ‘Estadio Deportivo’ said on the 2nd, “Lee Kang-in seems to be spending the last month of his career in Mallorca. Lee Kang-in is having a great season and many teams are knocking on his door. Not only now, but also in the winter transfer window a few months ago. It has been like that since. Lee Kang-in is a player that the best teams in Europe want to take with them next season.”

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