“Throw it to the outside because it’s scary.” A senior who endured pain and reassured his junior

The uniforms they were wearing were different, but they thought of each other the same.

Han Yu-seom, the batter who complained of extreme pain when he was hit by a 144km fastball, was Lee Byung-hun who couldn’t hit the batter in the eye right after the pitch. Han Yu-seom, the senior player who comforted Lee by patting Lee Byung-hun’s hip, who conveyed his sorry feelings. In a nutshell, it was a heartwarming scene.메이저사이트

At a game between the Doosan Bears and the SSG Landers held at Jamsil Stadium on Tuesday, Doosan’s leadoff hitter Jung Soo-bin got on base with a hit in the first inning, and instantly stole second base, shaking SSG starter Kim Kwang-hyun. When Lee Yoo-chan had a hit to the left-handed side with no outs and runners on the second base, Jung Soo-bin, who leisurely entered the home ground with a fast foot, took the lead in the early stages of the game.

In the sixth inning when Doosan was leading 1-0. Starting pitcher Kim Min-kyu handed over the mound to the bullpen after five scoreless innings. Kim Kang-ryul, who took the mound after Kim Min-kyu, hit leadoff hitter SSG Choi Jeong with a fly ball to center field and increased the out count.

When Kim Kang-ryul allowed a hit in the ensuing match against Eredia, manager Lee Seung-yeop put left-hander Lee Byung-hun in the left-handed batter Han Yu-seom’s at-bat.

After taking the mound, Lee bravely threw the ball against home run batter Han Yoo-seom. After the first pitch, he threw a slider-straightball, which was high at 144 kilometers, to gain the upper hand in the count in favor of 1B 2S.

Veteran Han Yu-seom also continued the game without being chased in the unfavorable count.

A dizzying scene emerged amid a tight race between a batter who has to hit and a pitcher who has to spin. At 2B and 2S, Lee Byung-hun’s 144 kilometer fastball went too deep and hit the back of the batter’s hand.

After being hit by a fastball, Han was out of the batter’s box and breathed and complained of pain. There was no intention at all. Right after the pitch, Lee took off his hat and stared at Han for a long time.

Doosan’s Lee Byung-hun, who couldn’t take his eyes off the pitch immediately after he threw, felt sorry
When Han Yoo-seom, who walked out to first base complaining of pain, made a playful expression and a gesture to “throw it outwards” toward Lee Byung-hun on the mound after arriving at the base, Lee Byung-hun kept his head down and expressed his sorry again.

With one out and runners on the first and second bases, Han Yu-seom, who briefly overlapped with Lee after facing only one batter, said, “I’m okay” with a warm expression and patted Lee Byung-hun’s hip to reassure him.

It was a heartwarming scene in which the opponent team thought seriously of each other, even though it was an opponent team in a fierce match by one point.

Choi Ji-gang, who took the mound after Lee Byung-hun, was on the verge of loading the bases, but he managed to secure a one-point lead by dealing with a fly ball of SSG Ha Jae-hoon.

In the seventh inning, Kim Jihoon Choi of the SSG brought the game back to square one by hitting a timely hit. In the eighth inning, with one out and second base on Doosan Bears’ Jung Soo-bin’s fly ball, Ha Jae-hoon of the SSG took the lead again.

Doosan’s closer Hong Gun-hee, who took the mound in the ninth inning, finished the inning neatly, and Doosan secured the winning series.

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