On his first business trip of the season, he had two hits and three bases, and NC’s new vitality, Futures FA

NC is going through a tough May. Until May 22, its win rate will be below 50 percent for the month of May. Although the team will make a comeback soon, other key players including Daniel Castano and Park Min-woo have also been injured. The schedule was not smooth enough. The team had to move back and forth from their home in Changwon to the Seoul metropolitan area throughout May. Physically, mentally, and physically, it is easy to get tired. It was time for “New Face” to make surprise performances that could change the mood.먹튀검증

NCs outfielder Han Seok-hyun played in the first division game for the first time this season, against Kiwoom at Gocheok Stadium on Tuesday. He started as a center fielder and sixth batter just two days after registering for the entry. It was a first division game in a long time, but he left a remarkable result. He had two hits from three times at bat and one walk to the third base. He had a clean right-handed hit from his first at bat in the second inning, and he had a hit again in the eighth inning. Despite being driven to 1B-2S, he technically pushed him to make a hit to the left. Son A-seop, KBOs best teaching hitter, was seen admiringly in the dugout.

In the seventh inning, Han Seok-hyun even scored a valuable run. The quick judgment stood out. After coming out as the leadoff hitter and getting on base with a hit ball, he stole the sixth ball in which the second batter, Park Se-hyuk, was struck out. After confirming that Kiwoom catcher’s throw was wrong, he immediately ran to third base. Later, he homered on Kim Joo-won’s missed hit.

Han Seok-hyun transferred to NC Dinosaurs through a Futures FA contract last season. He had high expectations as he played as a starter in the opening game. However, his batting performance that commanded Futures rarely appeared in the first division league. After posting a batting average of 0.222 during the month in April, he was effectively excluded from the roster of the first division players.

Though Han has yet to make notable achievements in the primary league, he has been consistently recognized for his batting quality. During the 2020 season when he was a member of LG, he became the “futures batting champion” with a batting average of 0.345 in the Futures League. He also had a batting average of 0.311 in the last season.

With a new face added to the team’s strength, existing players will also be able to breathe easy. As competition builds up, it gives another impetus. On the day, NC secured the wining series by winning the game 4-3, with a gap of one point. The team also shook off some of the shock of its complete defeat in the KIA series over the weekend. Kim Sung-wook, who constantly started due to lack of substitute resources for center field despite his recent poor condition, entered the ninth inning as a shortstop in the middle of the game and hit the winning home run.

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