There is no main GK Lloris… Trust the Tottenham ’35-year-old backup’ poster experience

Bad news happened to Tottenham, England. Starting goalkeeper Hugo Lloris (36) is expected to miss a long time due to a knee injury. I am worried because I have an important game ahead from the league to the European Champions League. The one to trust is the experienced veteran and backup goalkeeper Fraser Foster (35).

On the 9th (Korean time), British football media 90MIN stressed the importance of “Lloris is scheduled to miss 6 to 8 weeks due to a knee injury,” and “now is the time for backup goalkeeper Foster to step up.”

Foster is a goalkeeper who wore a Tottenham uniform in July of last year. Supporting Lloris, he mainly played in the English Cup. His league appearance was only one. He couldn’t play in the Champions League. But there is a corner to believe. Because Foster had a wealth of experience. He has served as the starting goalkeeper for Celtic in Scotland and Southampton in England. Although he did not play A-match, he was named in the England squad. He is not a player to be taken lightly.

The point of return for Lloris is around the end of March. Foster is expected to make about six appearances in the league. Starting with Leicester City on the 12th, we will face West Ham, Chelsea, Wolverhampton, Nottingham Forest and Southampton. We play tricky away matches against Leicester City and Wolverhampton in the important London derby (West Ham and Chelsea matches). But most of them are mid-tier teams. It’s not without pressure, but it’s also an opportunity to ride the upward trend. Competition for rankings can be energized. 먹튀검증

Currently, Tottenham has 12 wins, 3 draws and 7 losses (39 points) and is in 5th place in the league. They are closely chasing 4th place Newcastle (40 points). Foster’s shoulders are heavy. Foster played the league fixture against Brentford last December. I gave up two runs at the time, but I did my part by recording three saves.

The opponent in the round of 16 of the Champions League is AC Milan (Italy). It is a prestigious club representing Serie A, but the recent flow is not very good. They are winless for 7 games in 3 consecutive league losses. Defensive organization completely collapsed after starting goalkeeper Mike Menan was injured. Milan’s back-up goalkeeper Ciprian Tatarushanu has been criticized for his lackluster performance in every game.

Menang’s physical condition is still not good, so it seems that Tatarushanu will also play in Tottenham and the Champions League round of 16. It is also a part where Tottenham can have confidence. Due to the schedule, if Tottenham advances to the quarterfinals, Lloris is expected to return. Foster played several Champions League matches during his time at Celtic. The last game was 10 years ago, but he played in 14 games. He has great stage experience.

In the FA Cup, Lloris was replaced by Foster. Even if Lloris is missing, there is no problem. Foster led the team to victory by keeping the goal in succession against Portsmouth and Preston.

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