“The habit of making the impossible possible” When we met again after 12 years, Choco Boy’s second dream is eternal.

A word that made a baseball player. I missed you for a long time. However, as a big adult, I didn’t dare to go visit him. He thought, “I’ll be able to meet him when he becomes a professional player.” “He became the driving force to work out harder,” he added.

Eventually, he achieved his dream of becoming a professional player. This is the story of right-handed pitcher Mok Ji-hoon (19), who was nominated by the NC Dinos with the 34th pick in the 4th round of the 2023 rookie draft.

In the winter of 2011, a little boy filmed a hot chocolate commercial with director Kim Seong-geun of ‘Yasin’. Another dream came true. I reunited with the person I didn’t know who it was after 12 years.

Director Kim Seong-geun appeared in the special feature of ‘Isn’t God’ on tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block’, which aired on the 8th. I visited and met Mok Ji-hoon through a program arrangement. Director Kim greeted Mok Ji-hoon, who had grown into a young man with a contract, saying, “It’s been a while. Congratulations.”

Mok Ji-hoon confessed, “At the time, there was a running and swinging scene during the commercial shooting continuity. The director saw it and said, ‘He can play baseball’, so I started playing elite baseball in earnest.”

To the question, “How about going to the pros?”, Mok Ji-hoon replied, “I’m happy to come to the place I dreamed of.” In response, director Kim handed over the notebook he had written and advised, “You must attach a habit that makes the impossible possible.” 메이저사이트

For a long time, coach Seong-geun Kim helped Mok Ji-hoon to improve his pitching form, had a meal with him, and asked about the joys and sorrows of living abroad.

“I became a professional player with the words you said at that time. I will listen carefully to what you said today and become a great player,” said Mok Ji-hoon, who expressed his gratitude, “If I go to the first team, I want to invite the coach for my first game.” It drew attention.

Mok Ji-hun is a promising prospect with fast balls in the late 140km range, curveballs, sliders, splitters, curveballs, and breaking balls, as well as good fighting skills. He is a former infielder, and his agile defense after pitching is also an advantage.

He is evaluated by the scouting team as “a pitcher with great potential for development with a variety of breaking balls and a flexible pitching form. He is judged to have open potential for growth.”

A rookie pitcher who achieved the dream of reuniting with professional player → manager Kim Seong-geun one after another. His third dream of inviting manager Kim to his first-team debut this year is growing.

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