The Qing Dynasty left-hand competition starts from now… Jung Hyun-woo Wait, 148km Daegu High School sophomore Bae Chan-seung is on the rise

Bae Chan-seung of Daegu High School pitched 52.2 innings despite being a freshman last year and
won the Gyeongbuk Classic 148km this season!
Hwang Jun-seo is the only one who has thrown all the way on the mound even if she is not feeling well
. Who is the other protagonist?
The showdown between sophomore left-hander Jeong Hyeon-woo vs. Bae Chan-seung is also something to see

 There are only two left-handed pitchers in the youth national team this year.

With Hwang Jun-seo already nominated for a position, the question of who the other one will be is of utmost interest. However, the problem is that there are not many left-handed pitchers who can play with Cho Dong-wook eliminated from the candidacy due to pay. Son Hyun-ki is also in a bad condition recently, so it’s even more so.

His eyes are naturally directed towards the second graders. In that sense, the candidate who is currently receiving the most attention is Deoksu High School’s Jung Hyeon-woo. Basically, he is a good pitcher, and he is from Chungam Middle School, so coach Lee Young-bok knows him well. Another player is emerging here. This is Daegu High School Bae Chan-seung.

Bae Chan-seung recently recorded a cannonball fastball of up to 148km in the recent weekend league Gyeongbuk Classic against Gyeongbuk High School and Sangwon High School on April 29th. Of course, it is a weekend league, but the 148 km lefty has a lot of implications. In fact, Bae Chan-seung climbed the hill despite being sick in the last weekend league against Gyeongbuk High School and Sangwon High School. He suffered from abdominal pain and diarrhea on the mound and went to the hospital midway through the match against Gyeongbuk High School. The next day, he received medicine and an emergency prescription and climbed the mound again in the Daegu Sangwon Classic, but as a result, he lost a lot of runs in the early stages and went down the mound. It was unavoidable.

Bae Chan-seung, thinking about such regret, is eagerly awaiting the Golden Lion this time. Bae Chan-seung was the ace of Daegu High School since his freshman year.

The pitcher with the most innings at Daegu High School since freshman year is Bae Chan-seung. Even as a freshman last year, he threw a whopping 52.1 innings. He was so dependent on him that he wondered if there was a pitcher who threw as many times as Bae Chan-seung among first-year freshmen. When Kim Jeong-woon (19, kt) and Lee Ro-un (19, SSG) were absent, he almost led the team by himself. Daegu High School head coach Sohn Kyung-ho said, “Chanseung-yi practically led the team alone.”카지노사이트

Bae Chan-seung is not tall at 180cm, but he is basically a player with excellent control and breaking balls.

He also throws a good changeup. In addition, if he proves his ‘speed’ in this competition, the left-handed youth representative may end up in a foggy state. Currently, Jung Hyeon-woo has good game management skills, but his speed and pitch are not so good. Coach Lee said, “We have to pick a player who can be used right now. Prospects are irrelevant. The key is control,” he said.

Above all, Jung Hyun-woo allowed 6 hits and 5 walks in 5.1 innings against Whimungo, and showed a bad appearance in front of coach Lee, who headed to Shinwol to see him.

Bae Chan-seung is very likely to pitch in the Changwon Technical High School at 11:30 on May 15th. He has a good chance of starting out.

Will Bae Chan-seung win the heart of coach Lee Young-bok of Chungam High School with his speed and control? It is clear that the left-handed competition between Jung Hyun-woo and Bae Chan-seung is also a spectating point to enjoy watching the Golden Lion.

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