Japan “Kang Kyung-ho’s performance is good, but it’s not in the official UFC ranking”

Some responded that it was regrettable that UFC Kang Kyung-ho (36) was not treated as well as his skills.

UFC on ESPN 47 will be held on June 18 (Korean time) in Enterprise, Nevada, USA. Kang Kyung-ho will face Christian Quiñones (27, Mexico) in the bantamweight class (-61kg).

The Japanese mixed martial arts media ‘Asian MMA’ pointed out, “Kang Kyung-ho has recently shown a powerful performance with 4 wins in 5 fights, but it is not found in the official UFC bantamweight rankings (TOP15).”

Kang Kyung-ho is recording 7 wins, 3 losses and 1 null in the UFC, which he advanced to as a road FC champion in 2012. ‘Asian MMA’ speculated that “not competing regularly” was the reason for the underestimation.

Kang Kyung-ho, a fighter in his 11th year in the UFC, has not yet participated in three consecutive seasons with ▲ 4 matches from 2013 to 2014 ▲ 5 matches from 2018 to 2019 ▲ 2 matches from 2021 to 2022. This is why 2023 is so important.

Kiñones ▲February 2021 Mexico Ultimate Warrior Challenge title match ▲October 2021 Contender Series ▲September 2022 UFC debut by winning all and riding the rise.바카라사이트

The ‘Contender Series’ is a competition to discover prospects directly hosted by UFC President Dana White (54, USA). “Asian MMA” said, “Kang Kyung-ho, who has been in the UFC for over 10 years, is a highly skilled and experienced fighter. Quiñones expected that he should show an upgraded appearance.”

Kang Kyung-ho’s physical condition is also better than Kiñones, with a height of 176-173 cm and wingspan (both arms + shoulders) of 185-178 cm. He has 11 fights in the UFC and the stability without a KO is also outstanding.

The mixed martial arts ranking system ‘Fight Matrix’ evaluates Kang Kyung-ho as 37th in the UFC bantamweight division and Kiñones as 38th. Kang Kyung-ho’s 33rd place in 2020 is his personal best.

Kang Kyung-ho’s major stage career is overwhelming. However, the difference in his power may not be large. It is also worth noting that Quiñones won 10 wins in mixed martial arts by KO since 2013.

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