‘The oldest scorer’ Park Eun-sun revived, and Bell was also thrilled “I want to protect and cherish even the World Cup” 

“I want to protect and cherish Park Eun-seon’s World Cup.”

Director Colin Bell was also thrilled with the splendid revival of veteran striker Park Eun-seon (Seoul City Hall) in 1986, who is 180 cm tall.

The 17th ranked women’s soccer team in the FIFA rankings, led by coach Bell, defeated Zambia (73rd) at Yongin Mir Stadium on the 11th in the second round of the A-match evaluation match, winning 5-0. The women’s national team, which won 5-2 in the first match held in Suwon four days ago, boasted a 10-goal firepower show in the first and second matches and laughed.안전놀이터

‘Bell Ho’ has suffered defeat by conceding two or more goals in all three Arnold Clark Cup friendly matches held in England in February. On this day, along with the relay shot, they took a long-awaited goalless victory and took a light step toward the World Cup.

Korean women’s football is tied in Group H with Germany, Morocco and Colombia in the 2023 Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup final scheduled for June. Zambia has been dubbed the ‘virtual Morocco’. Morocco is considered the weakest team in Group H, and it is an opponent that Korea must catch in order to pass the group stage. Zambia’s power did not meet expectations, but Korea gained confidence through the first and second games.

In Korea’s second match, European player Lee Geum-min (Brighton) scored a hat-trick, including two goals from penalties. Also, in the last game 1, ‘Park Ratan’ Park Eun-seon (Seoul City Hall), who had tasted the A-match goal after 9 years, appeared as a starter and took off by scoring multiple goals, including a header, a skill.

After the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada, Park Eun-sun, who returned to the national team after being called by manager Bell for the first time in seven years last year, is gradually integrating into the team. Having tasted an A-match goal for the first time in nine years in the first game, she broke the record for the oldest A-match score in Korean women’s soccer at the age of 36 years and 107 days. Coach Bell said, “I told Park Eun-seon on an expedition to Canada in June of last year, ‘What I want from you is 15 or 20 minutes’. After that, he seemed to be getting stronger. I want to protect and cherish them like flowers in a greenhouse before the World Cup,” he foreshadowed moderation.

Although Zambia’s performance did not live up to expectations, the national team lost by conceding two or more goals in all three Arnold Clark Cup friendly matches held in England last February. It was an opportunity to change the atmosphere ahead of the World Cup, and I gained confidence by completing a long-awaited clean sheet.

Korean women’s football is tied in Group H with Germany, Morocco and Colombia in the 2023 Australia-New Zealand Women’s World Cup final scheduled for June.

Next, Q&A with coach Bell

– How do you feel about the 1st and 2nd games against Zambia?

I am satisfied with the performance in both games. Today is 5-0, I am happy. (Zambia was a virtual Morocco, but did you feel confident?) Because it is an African team, it can be seen as a Morocco game simulation. But Zambia has a different style. Rather, it seems to be similar to Colombia. Not long ago, I saw Colombia play against France. Colombia lost, but we could see that they had an advantage until the 60th minute. We are focusing on Colombia (World Cup 1st round). Colombia is physically demanding. It’s going to be a tough game.

– What kind of team was Zambia? (Question from Zambia reporter)

Zambia is a difficult team to play against. There is a fast player in front of 3-4 people. But Zambia’s high Suva line gave us an advantage. Nevertheless, players with good individual skills are preparing for Zambia. I think they will be interested in a lot of clubs in women’s football. If I were in charge of the (club) team, wouldn’t there be a player I would be interested in?

– Defender Kim Hye-ri’s kick hit a lot of space behind the opponent’s defense, and it worked.

Hyeri Kim always does well. She is a very good player as a captain, as a player and as a person. He is a player with great potential. 100% of every match. He can play as right sideback or center back. He thinks it’s a perfect argument.

– (Before the evaluation) I maintained the starting lineup until the last minute. Why didn’t I use a lot of replacement cards?

Substitutions depend on the nature of the game. Today, the flow was good from the start. Also, Zambia can score anytime. The starting players are well organized in a good flow, but I didn’t want to disturb it. In the first game, Chun Ga-ram and Park Eun-seon were replaced at an early stage to induce change, but as I said before, it only depends on the nature of the game. I believe that both the players who played today and the players who did not play contributed enough to get the result of the match against Zambia in the first and second games. Everyone did well in training. Thanks to that, I got good results.

– Korea is at the top of the FIFA rankings. African teams are not.

What does an African team need to pass the group stage and advance to the quarterfinals in a major talk like the World Cup? Men’s soccer, in particular, produces good players. Women’s soccer is just starting to rise. There are many good players coming out. We are watching Cameroon, Zambia, and Morocco through the Africa Cup of Nations. Looking at this team, I felt that there are many good players and that the future prospects are bright. Of course, it needs the support and investment of affiliated associations.

-Park Eun-seon is quite old. In the 2nd game, I played almost full time.

Park Eun-sun worked very hard. We first came together on an expedition to Canada in June of last year. Then she said, “All I want from you is 15 or 20 minutes,” she said. But after that, he continued to show a strong appearance. He did very well in the first game, and in the second game today, his mobility and endurance were all good. As for my greed, I want to protect and cherish it like a flower in a greenhouse until the World Cup. One thing I want to add is Son Hwa-yeon. In order for Park Eun-sun to stand out, I could see that he moved a lot when he was on the ball and when he wasn’t, trying to match. I also want to commend you for your efforts.

– It is also meaningful to not concede a goal in 6 A-matches.

When we score no runs, we always take our players to a dinner party at a meat restaurant or go to a cafe and buy them coffee. I think I’ll have to bring my credit card for the next call. (Laughs) Seriously, we recently conceded 10 runs in 4 games. I think that I am not part of the Colin Bell team. Any team I’ve played in my career has boasted top-notch defense. It’s not just men’s soccer, it’s women’s soccer too. It seems to have lost that appearance in the last few games. Of course, it was against the Kang team. (February) It includes PK scenes and conceded points in the Arnold Clark Cup match against England, and conceded points in the match against Italy even though (the opponent) was in an offside position. Even so (without that), it is 8 runs. That means (to win) you have to score 3 goals every game. Not a small number. Defensively, we need to make it a little tighter.

– I played two games without (injured) Ji So-yeon.

Due to Ji So-yeon’s absence, an experienced player in the team had to take a step forward. I think we did enough in 2 games. The central midfielder who played in today’s game was the youngest player (Bae Ye-bin) in our team. he did a great job Ji So-yeon is absolutely necessary. Let’s hope he recovers well enough in a few weeks to make a full comeback before the World Cup. There was another time when Ji So-yeon was not there. It was when he went to New Zealand last year. Even then he was injured. At that time, Lee Min-ah (even Ji So-yeon’s role) performed very well. It is the best memory of the game he played for the national team. In other words, someone has to fill in constantly, but I think several players did well (in Ji So-yeon’s position) in the 1st and 2nd games.

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