The Japanese archipelago in “shock” how much they want to go to ML… It turned out that Sasaki, the “Perfect Monster,” also withdrew from the “Athletics Association.”

“Perfect Monster” Rocky Sasaki (Chiba Lotte Marines) seems to have made up his mind. Sasaki has left the National Football Association, where Japanese professional baseball players belong. He seems to beat the door of the Major League somehow.라바카지노

Japanese magazine Weekly Munchun reported on the 25th (Korea Standard Time) that it has been revealed that Roki Sasaki of Chiba Lotte has left the professional baseball league. This is shocking news.

It was in the 2022 season that Sasaki, who drew attention by throwing fast balls in the mid and late 150 kilometers even before he became a professional player, made his mark around the world. At that time, Sasaki achieved a “perfect game” against the Orix Buffaloes, who lifted the trophy for the Japan Series as well as the Pacific League that year. At that time, Sasaki was the only player who achieved a “perfect game” among players who had no experience of “completing” in his professional career.

In particular, Sasaki struck out 13 consecutive batters in the process of achieving the perfect game, which also led to an unauthorized world record. Sasaki won “Spotlight” worldwide when he achieved the perfect game, and it was after he created the perfect game that his name became more widely known. At that time, Sasaki showed his power to block eight perfect innings in his next appearance. Although it did not lead to a record of perfect games in two consecutive games, he almost set an unprecedented record.

Sasaki joined the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team held in March last year after making its name widely known as a perfect game, and the stock price rose further as the Japanese national team helped lift the trophy. In particular, Sasaki properly impressed big league officials as the “Ace” Yamamoto Yoshinobu (LA Dodgers), who represents Japan, was about to advance to the Major League, and Shohei Ohtani (Dodgers) also participated in the representation.

In the case of Japan, if the club’s permission is not granted from the first year of his professional career, he can always challenge for the big league through the “posting system,” and Sasaki showed his intention to advance to the Major League after the 2023 season, although he couldn’t play the full-time season due to finger blisters and ruptured internal abdominal muscles last year. However, the “conflict” started here. This is because Chiba Lotte did not allow Sasaki to advance to the Major League.

When a player under the age of 25 signs a contract with a Major League Baseball club, it is not possible to sign a large-scale contract by rule. This is because there is a limit to the amount that Major League Baseball teams can use. On the contrary, players over the age of 25 can sign a big contract without a “limit,” and there was no way they would allow Sasaki’s challenge, which has never played a full-time season so far, as well as not having a lot of posting fees.

Manager Tadahito Iguchi understood Sasaki’s desire to advance to the Major League, but criticized Sasaki by saying that he failed to leave a full-time season or a performance that would convince the club. As a result, the rivalry between Chiba Lotte and Sasaki is at its peak. Sasaki has never made it through salary negotiations since he joined the pro team. However, this year is different. Sasaki has yet to conclude salary negotiations for the 2024 season. He is truly upset.

Chiba Lotte will start its spring camp to prepare for the 2024 season from the end of this month, but if the team fails to complete the salary negotiations before leaving for the camp, Sasaki will have to prepare for the 2024 season with “sabi.” For this reason, local media in Japan are pouring out a lot of articles on Sasaki every day. However, shocking news broke on Saturday. It was Sasaki who had withdrawn from the Nippon Professional Baseball Organization.

In the case of the KBO League, all players who belong to professional teams belong to the Professional Baseball Players Association. If there are players who are not affiliated with the Players Association, they are all players who play abroad. The membership rate is 100 percent. The same applies to Japan. Except for players who play in the Major League, most “players” who belong to professional teams are registered. In the meantime, it is very unusual for Sasaki to leave the club. It can be interpreted that Sasaki has a strong will to advance to the Major League.

According to Weekly Munchun, an official of the Korean National Football Association said, “It is my choice to join the national football team. However, most players are registered except for special cases such as players and veterans who play in the Major League. Nevertheless, Sasaki has withdrawn from the national soccer team from 2023. “Sasaki is the only one among young players who did not join the national soccer team.” A Chiba Lotte official declined to comment, saying, “The decision was made based on my own judgment.”

The application for posting in the Stove League has already been closed. Therefore, Sasaki will not be able to make a big league leap forward this season. According to Weekly Munchun, however, Sasaki is reportedly demanding that Chiba Lotte allow him to join the Major League after the end of the 2024 season. In this regard, Chiba Lotte is still agonizing over Sasaki’s future, and it seems that the annual salary negotiations are not concluded.

Since Sasaki’s departure from the Japanese national team was reported, Japan has been bombarded with “criticism.” While Sasaki’s talent is acknowledged, the prevailing view is that he is still stubborn. One fan said, “It’s good to go to the Major League because it’s a dream. However, there should be at least loyalty to the team that owes it to him. Even if a pitcher complains about a pitcher who can’t even keep his starting rotation, the atmosphere around him is not good,” and the number of viewers who commented on this comment exceeded 30,000.

Another fan said, “I think Otani wants to achieve this goal because he moved to the Major League after the end of his fifth year. However, Otani, Darvishu and Yamamoto, who went to the U.S. after playing for seven seasons, also won multiple titles and led their team to the Japan Series.” The comment garnered more than 170,000 viewers.

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