San Diego Kim Ha-sung won’t trade right away? Hints are coming to Seoul with dolls, website, and Seoul!

San Diego is having a gloomy off-season due to the need to cut down on the team’s livelihood, and is like a wait-and-see player watching the transfer market with bated breath. He didn’t have enough money to send out all the key players. Juan Soto, the team’s best asset, even traded his money to the New York Yankees.

While the corresponding reinforcement of power is not well done, another topic that is heating up San Diego’s offseason is trade. Local media are reporting on the possibility of trading Kim Ha-sung and Jake Cronenworth, the team’s infielders. Analysts also say that Kim Ha-sung’s value is greater than Cronenworth, who was sluggish last year and was tied to a long-term contract.

Kim Ha-sung is known to have received trade inquiries from other teams even after the 2022 season. This was directly talked about by San Diego general manager A.J. Preller. After the 2023 season, inquiries seem to be getting more frequent. Dennis Lin, a reporter for San Diego of the North American sports media “The Athletic,” surprised fans by predicting that Kim Ha-sung will continue to receive trade inquiries and that San Diego will cost a total of $130 million to $150 million to sign an extension contract with him.

Kim Ha-sung’s trade value is now at its peak. Over the past two years, he has displayed the best infield defense in the league, usability to play all three positions, fast feet capable of 40 steals, and offensive productivity above the league average. In addition, this year’s annual salary is only 8 million dollars, and there is one year left on the contract. As the money is not too big and service time is one year, the bleeding of promising players will not be significant. This is why other teams have no choice but to pay attention. However, San Diego’s demand is as high as that. Lin’s analysis suggests that it is possible only when the team crosses the line.월카지노주소

San Diego, however, has not responded to Kim Ha-sung’s trade so far, and specific trade rumors have been muted. And many observers say that San Diego will not trade Kim Ha-sung for the time being. Recently, the San Diego Union-Tribune, a leading local media outlet, predicted that the rumor of Kim Ha-sung’s trade will continue until he is traded or signs an extension. However, considering the team’s circumstances and marketing factors that require him to participate in the Seoul Series, it is not highly likely to be realized immediately.

In fact, photos of Kim Ha-sung are currently hanging with other stars on San Diego’s official website. He seems to be treated like a representative star of the team. Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado are located on the left, and Kim Ha-sung and Xander Bogaerts are located on the right. Kim Ha-sung filled the position when Soto moved among the “Big Five” who led the San Diego fielders last year. Kim Ha-sung is the most loved fielder by San Diego fans. It is evident that the club also considers Kim Ha-sung special.

Kim Ha-sung is also included in the 2024 club presentation schedule that was announced on Sunday. It is Kim Ha-sung’s day for barbleheads. This is the second consecutive year since last year. The San Diego barblehead presentation event will be held with Manny Machado (against the Chicago Cubs) on April 11, Joe Musgrove (against Colorado) on May 15, Xander Bogaerts (against Arizona) on June 7, Kim Ha-sung (against Washington) on June 26, and Fernando Tatis Jr. (against Houston) on September 19. Kim Ha-sung’s barbleheads will be distributed to 40,000 people on a first-come, first-served basis on the day of the game. The San Diego Padres dealt with the characteristics of Kim Ha-sung, who is receiving great support from fans, saying, “Don’t miss the fan-favorite infielder’s barbleheads.”

Last year, the barbed head that included a detachable helmet drew a lot of fans’ laughter. He was praised for making good use of Kim Ha-sung’s trademark, where his helmet comes off every time he sprints. This year is a batting scene, and Hangul is written below. It symbolizes the batting of Kim Ha-sung, who grew up last year. No matter how many superstars represent the team, it is not easy to be selected as the main character for the second consecutive year, as presentation events are limited, and Kim Ha-sung was treated that way. It may be the part that contains the club’s will not trade Kim Ha-sung at least before the trade deadline.

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