The contract ended after labor pains of ‘500 million won → 300 million won’, Son Si-heon → Kim Jae-ho, and what’s next?

First full-time appearance in 10 years since his professional debut. And a shortstop for the Doosan Bears who still goes to the most games 10 years later.라바카지노

Kim Jae-ho, who was born in 1985, is 39 years old this year. Based on the “Korean age” before the revision of the law, Kim will turn 40, which is an “impeachable age.” Considering the physical skills and average duration of activities of professional players, his prime has passed. Although the average retirement time has been delayed due to the rapid increase in the number of active players in their 40s in recent years, it is undeniable that the time is approaching the second half.

However, Kim Jae-ho played the most shortstop games in the Doosan Bears in the 2023 season. Kim played in 86 out of 144 games. He is the oldest among the 10 teams’ key shortstop players.

Lee Jae-hyun, the most shortstop for the Samsung Lions, was born in 2003 and is 18 years apart from Kim Jae-ho, while Kim Hui-jip, the most shortstop for the Kiwoom Heroes, was born in 2002 and Kim Joo-won, the main shortstop for the NC Dinos, was born in 2002. The main shortstop for other teams, who is the most similar age to Kim Jae-ho, is Noh Jin-hyuk (Lotte), born in 1989, Oh Ji-hwan (LG) and Kim Sang-soo (KT).

Shortstop is a position called the commander of infield defense. Due to the large number of movements, the infield imposes heavy physical burden, and strong throws are the core of the infield. With the increasing number of batters, the whole is said to be more important regardless of position, but in the past, defensive shortstop who played the shortstop even though the batting performance was extremely sluggish was the prevailing trend. As a result, life expectancy is shorter than that of first base, third base, and second base.

Doosan announced the results of its salary contract for the 2024 season on Feb. 9, nearly 10 days after the start of the spring camp. It was because of Kim Jae-ho, the last uncontracted player. Kim Jae-ho’s annual salary for the 2023 season was 500 million won. Until the 2023 season, the FA contract was applied. He has yet to re-qualify as an FA, and this year, he is subject to a salary contract renewal.

There was a disagreement as general salary negotiations were conducted, not FA contracts. It was not concluded even at the time of Doosan’s camp of key players over the scope of the cut, but eventually signed 300 million won.

The salary contract with Kim Jae-ho was finalized after labor pains, but it is still a point that can look into Doosan Bears’ concerns at this point. This is because it is regrettable without Kim Jae-ho now.

Kim Jae-ho, who was called a “genius shortstop,” also gradually increased his chances of playing a game years after joining the team due to the presence of Son Si-heon, the main shortstop. The first time he played full time as a main player was in the 2014 season, 10 years after joining the team. Doosan’s shortstop genealogy, which leads to Son Si-heon and Kim Jae-ho, has not been able to hold a clear coronation ceremony for his successor.

In addition to Doosan’s ambitious new shortstop resources such as Ahn Jae-seok and Lee Yoo-chan, candidates such as Park Joon-young, Park Gye-beom, and Jeon Min-jae, who clearly impressed last season after being nominated as compensation players, were overflowing. Shortstop is also the position that predicted the fiercest competition since new coach Lee Seung-yeop took office last season. It is not that Kim Jae-ho should step down right away, but the willingness to greatly increase the next shortstop, who can ultimately take his next position.

And even though he has played one season, the fact that Kim Jae-ho is still the shortstop who has played the most games still leaves some disappointment. It is time for the growth of the next big shortstop to succeed the Bears’ starting shortstop genealogy. Competition is expected again this year.

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