Who will shine in 2024? Gorgeous aspects such as Cho Kye-hyun, Lee Seung-yeop, Kim Kwang-hyun, Noh Si-hwan, etc

On January 1st of the lunar calendar, the year of the dragon in 2024 has become a Lunar New Year. Who will receive the energy of the dragon in the new year.월카지노

Currently, baseball players born in the Year of the Dragon who are active in the baseball field are born in 1964, 1976, 1988, and 2000. They are active throughout the industry and contribute to their development.

Among baseball players born in 1964, Cho Kye-hyun, chairman of the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), stands out. Cho, who served as the general manager of the Kia Tigers until 2021, was appointed as the first chairman of the Korea Baseball Organization’s power reinforcement committee, which the KBO reorganized its existing technology committee in April last year. He has devised plans to select players and develop the national team from the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games to the 2023 Asia Professional Baseball Championship (APBC).

The committee has also set up a list of “Team Korea” that will face off against the San Diego Padres and LA Dodgers in March. The committee has mainly focused on young players with a mid- to long-term perspective. “The formation of Team Korea was made by calculating the age of the team, which will take place in 2026 WBC and 2028 LA Olympics,” Cho said in a telephone interview with Star News. Now, players aged 22 to 25 will peak their skills at that time. It can be seen as a mid- to long-term plan to build a competitive national team by gaining such experience.”

Born in 1976, the two top-tier coaches are Lee Seung-yeop, manager of the Doosan Bears, and Park Jin-man, manager of the Samsung Lions. The two coaches used to be star players who were selected for various national teams and focused on enhancing national prestige. After retiring as a player in 2017, Lee distanced himself from professionals before being appointed as Doosan’s head coach in a surprise move ahead of last season. After starting his leadership career in 2016, Park served as acting coach after then coach Huh Sam-young resigned in 2022, before becoming an official coach again ahead of the 2023 season.

Coach Lee, who entered the fall baseball league by ranking fifth in his first year in office, will face the 2024 season without major power leakage as the club caught both internal FA (free agent) Yang Seok-hwan and Hong Geon-hee. Coach Park, who ended the season in eighth place last year, will recruit external FA Kim Jae-yoon and Lim Chang-min, re-sign internal resources Oh Seung-hwan, and play baseball through a strong back door.

In addition, hitting coach Lee Ho-joon, who played a supporting role in winning the LG Twins last year, and Doosan Bears defensive coach Cho Sung-hwan were also born in 1976.

Born in 1988, the year when there are many active players, the SSG Landers Kim Kwang-hyun and the LG Twins Kim Hyun-soo are still alive and well. After returning to Korea after experiencing overseas leagues, Kim and Kim Hyun-soo led their teams to combined championships in 2022 and 2023, respectively. Yang Hyun-jong, the native ace of the Kia Tigers, and Son Ah-seop, the NC Dinos, last year’s batting champion, are also in the Year of the Dragon. They are still main players of the team, displaying a presence that cannot be ignored.

Some players dream of revival. Kim Jae-hwan (Dusan Bears), the 2018 MVP, had a poor batting average of 0.220 and 10 home runs last year. He participated in off-season closing drills and visited former Major Leaguer Kang Jung-ho to change his batting performance.

Some players signed an FA contract this year. Kim Dae-woo (Samsung), who became the first free agent in his career, pitched in 44 games last year, seeking relief and selection. Kim Min-sung will join the Lotte Giants after 13 years of signing and trade.

Now, he is also a rising star. For starters, Noh Si-hwan of the Hanwha Eagles, who won two homeruns and RBIs last year. He has been drawing attention as a big hitter in the 2023 season with a batting average of 0.298 31 homers and 101 RBIs, a on-base percentage of 0.388, a slugging percentage of 0.541 and an OPS of 0.929 in 131 games, and was selected to the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games national team, receiving exemption from mandatory military service. In addition, Won Tae-in, who has established himself as a native ace of the Samsung Lions, has displayed good pitching with an ERA of 3.24, although he only won seven games last year due to bad luck, and also won the Asian Games gold medal.

There are also left-hander Kim Yoon-sik and infielder Moon Bo-kyung, who played for LG, the winner of last year’s Korean Series. Kim, who settled on the starting lineup for the 2022 season and was selected for the WBC in the following year, started the season late, but won the starting title at the KT Wiz and the Korean Series. Moon Bo-kyung, who recorded a batting average of 0.301 and his first double-digit home run (10 home runs) for two consecutive years, also wore the national flag.

There are still a number of promising players with lots of potential. Kia Tigers’ Kim Ki-hoon, Doosan Bears’ Kim Dae-han, and Lotte Giants’ Ko Seung-min are also preparing to join the team.

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