“The coach told me not to lose focus,” says Chung as he heads to Hangzhou alone

“I’m going to be more responsible.”

Hwang Sun-hong, head coach of the U-24 national soccer team, announced his final roster for the Hangzhou Asian Games on Thursday. The Games are still two months away, but the early selection is meant to help unify the squad. It’s a month earlier than the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, but Hwang is taking the long way around.

Midfielder Jung Ho-yeon (Gwangju FC) was also included in the roster. He was the lone survivor, having been called up to the U-24 national team since the beginning of the year along with Um Ji Sung and Heo Yul.

Jung is a forward-oriented player. His passes to the offense are excellent. His ability to occupy space while returning to defense is also impressive. There was no reason for Hwang not to pick him.

He also played in the center midfield against Daegu FC in the 23rd round of the Hana One Q K League 2023 at Gwangju Football Stadium on May 15, partnering with Lee Kang-hyun. They struggled to break through Daegu’s tight defense, and the team drew 1-1, leaving them with a point.

“We didn’t win for three games, so we needed three points,” said Jung Ho-yeon after the match. It was a game against a team above us, so we needed a chance to rebound. I’m very disappointed that we didn’t win,” he said.

“Before (the game), the coach told me to stay focused, not to think about doing better. I tried to play the game I’ve been playing since last year,” he said.

“Gwangju is a good team no matter who goes in,” he said, “even if it’s not me. There are a lot of good players in my place, even if it’s not me. I don’t think about that. If you play (defensively) to avoid getting hurt, you risk getting hurt more. If I play the same way, I think I will play better,” he promised.

“I wish I could have gone with them because they are good players, but it’s a shame. I’m going alone, but I’m going to be more responsible because I’m representing Gwangju.”

Jung hopes to earn as many points as possible for Gwangju before heading to the Asian Games. His departure comes at a crucial time for the team, which could miss up to four games if it reaches the final. “If we play consistently according to the team’s schedule, the same performance will come out,” he said, “and hopefully we can keep winning (before being sent off). Of course, it’s not going to happen. I’m determined to win as many games as possible and contribute to the team.”온라인바카라

“My agent said it was just a rumor. I would love to go (to Celtic), but I still have a lot more to learn in Gwangju. I don’t think I can go because I’m not good enough. I want to be a player worthy of it. It’s a good thing (to be mentioned),” he humbled himself.

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