The butterfly effect left by “Just Do It”, Woori Bank’s regular league championship confirmed… 14th regular league championship in league history

A concise message from the command tower changed the flow of the game.

Asan Woori Bank defeated Busan BNK Some 76-52 in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball Regular League held at the Sajik Indoor Gymnasium in Busan on the 13th. With this victory, he won the regular league championship. 9th regular league championship in club history. (Based on WKBL single league operation) Including summer league and winter league, it is 14th regular league championship.

Woori Bank struggled 32-30 until 3 minutes and 13 seconds before the end of the second quarter. However, Woori Bank coach Sung-Woo Lee gave a short and concise message, and Woori Bank players pushed BNK. And the game was decided in the third quarter. The ‘regular league championship’ was also confirmed in the third quarter.

1Q: Asan Woori Bank 22-20 Busan BNK Sum: Each for their own reasons

[Comparison of Woori Bank-BNK, key records in 1Q]
– Number of successful 2-point shots: 6-7
– Number of points scored in the paint zone: 17-12
– Number of successful 3-point shots: 1 -1
– Number of successful free throws: 7-3
– Rebound: 7 (Attack 1)-6 (Attack 3)

 * All in front of Woori Bank

The goal of all teams participating in professional sports is ‘victory’. No matter where the team is, there is plenty of reason for everyone to win.
Woori Bank and BNK did the same. If Woori Bank beats BNK, it will be confirmed as ‘regular league 1st place’, and BNK has to stop Woori Bank’s party in the home room. Both teams had plenty of reasons to win.
The determination of the commanders of both teams was also extraordinary. Woori Bank coach Sung-Woo Lee said before the game, “I will finish today,” and BNK coach Jeong-Eun Park said before the game, “We must protect our pride.”
Was that so? Woori Bank and BNK’s first quarter was tight. Although they committed a lot of fouls from the beginning because of strong physical fights and grooming, they faced each other with aggressive aggressiveness and sticky loose ball fights. Of course, the score was Woori Bank’s advantage, but the content was not. It was hard to see who had the upper hand.

2Q: Asan Woori Bank 42-34 Busan BNK Sum: One-two punch confrontation

[Woori Bank’s key player 2Q record]
– Kim Dan-bi: 10 minutes, 10 points (2 points: 3/3, free throw: 4/4) 5 rebounds (attack) 4) 1 assist
– Park Ji-hyeon: 7 minutes 38 seconds, 8 points (2 points: 4/6) 3 assists, 2 rebounds (attack 2)
[BNK key player 2Q record]
– Jinan: 9 minutes 19 seconds, 8 points (2 points) : 3/3, Free throw: 2/2) 2 rebounds (attack 1) 1 block shot
– Ahn Hye-ji: 10 minutes, 6 points (2 points: 3/5) 2 assists

BNK faced Woori Bank without Kim Han-byeol (178cm, F) did. Kim Han-byeol is a veteran with the ability to control under the goal and score points. He is also a resource that can make Woori Bank worry. 온라인바카라
However, the strength of young players such as Jin An (181cm, C), Ahn Hye-ji (164cm, G), and Lee So-hee (171cm, G) is also great. The three players must demonstrate their strength both now and in the future.
In particular, Jin An and Ahn Hye-ji showed their strength in the second quarter. Jin An shook the defense of Woori Bank with an exquisite jumper in the corner, and Ahn Hye-ji with an exquisite lay-up using speed and tempo control. The performance of the two players made the gap between BNK and Woori Bank ‘2’ (30-32).
Woori Bank manager Seong-Woo Lee did not see this. After requesting a time-out, “(Kim) Are you just saying there is no Hanbyeol? do it roughly Keep doing that,” he said. The players’ mentality was strangled with irony (?).
There was no way Woori Bank players were unaware of this. Park Hye-jin (178cm, G) was sluggish, but Kim Dan-bi (180cm, F) and Park Ji-hyeon (183cm, G) stirred up the game. In the last 3 minutes and 13 seconds of the second quarter, they scored 10 points, which became a decisive factor in widening the gap between Woori Bank and BNK.

3Q: Asan Woori Bank 63-43 Busan BNK Sum: Overwhelming

[Woori Bank-BNK, 7-minute record comparison after the start of 3Q]
– Score: 15-4
– Number of successful 2-pointers: : 2-2
– Paint Zone Points: 6 -2
– 2-point shot success rate: 33.3%-22.2%
– 3-point shot success rate: 3-0
– 3-point shot success rate: 60%-0% (number of attempts: 4)
– Assists: 3-1

 * Woori Bank leads all

Woori Bank, which was on the rise in the second quarter, focused more on the third quarter. After blocking BNK with defense and rebounding, he harassed BNK with a quick attack or creating a chance following a quick pass.
In addition, aggressive attacks led to foul troubles for key BNK players. Kim Si-on (175cm, G), Han Eom-ji (180cm, F), and Jinan (181cm, d) led the 4th foul. Woori Bank’s airlift movement has become more advantageous.
Woori Bank ran away 57-38 three minutes before the end of the game. Only then did Woori Bank call veterans such as Kim Dan-bi and Kim Jong-un (180cm, F) to the court. Instead, Park Hye-jin and Park Ji-hyun were not removed from the court. Park Ji-hyun wanted to breathe with backup resources, and Park Hye-jin wanted to regain attack confidence and shooting sense.

4Q: Asan Woori Bank 76-52 Busan BNK Some: Preparing for the Dynasty

[Asan Woori Bank, 1st place in the regular season]
1. 2012~2013 : 24 wins 11 losses -> Combined championship
2. 2013~2014 : 25 wins 10 losses -> Combined championship
3. 2014~2015 : 28 wins 7 losses -> Combined championship
4. 2015~2016 : 28 wins 7 losses -> Combined championship
5. 2016~2017: 33 wins, 2 losses -> Combined championship
6. 2017~2018: 29 wins, 6 losses -> Combined championship
7. 2019~2020: 21 wins, 6 losses -> Due to COVID-19 End of season early
8. 2020~2021 : 22 wins 8 losses -> Failure to advance to the championship match
9. 2022~2023 : 21 wins 4 losses -> ?
 * Counted only on a single season basis
 * 14 times including winter 1999, winter 2003, summer 2005, winter 2005, winter 2006

Woori Bank dominated from the beginning of the season. The regular league championship was predicted to some extent. However, it was a matter of when.
The question of when to do it was important to Woori Bank. This is because the time to prepare for the playoffs is different. So Woori Bank manager Seong-Woo Lee said, “I will finish it today.” It was an affirmation that was rarely made, so I felt the will of Woori Bank manager Sung-Woo Lee more.
Even Park Ji-hyun was called to the court. However, he also appointed Park Hye-jin in the 4th quarter. One reason could be speculated. It was the ‘shooting sensation recovery’ mentioned above.

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