Jackson terminates contract with Charlotte… contract with Denver

As expected, the Charlotte Hornets arrange contracts with expiring contracts they recruited.

According to reporter Shams Charania of 『The Athletic』, Charlotte is terminating the contract with Reggie Jackson (guard, 188cm, 94kg).

After parting ways with Charlotte, Jackson plans to sign with the Denver Nuggets.

He was traded from the Los Angeles Clippers to the Charlotte Hornets ahead of the trade deadline this season. 

The Clippers had Bonds Highland in a deal with Denver prior to Jackson’s acquisition. While bringing Highland with two picks in the second round, we decided to send Jackson, a practical striker.

The Clippers finally reinforced their inside power by taking Jackson and Mason Plumlee for the second round pick. Charlotte traded Plumlee and Jaylen McDaniels (Philadelphia) because they needed to clean up their existing players.  바카라사이트

Charlotte, who brought Jackson, was planning to break up. A buyout was soon agreed upon, and Jackson is expected to head to Denver, which is leading the Western Conference.

If Jackson decides to go to Denver, Denver and Clippers will be swapping guards. Considering that both are practically offensive guards, the replacement of Highland and Jackson does not mean much. 

However, given that Hyland has bumped into Denver manager Mike Malone, and that Jackson has a lot of experience and can lead the bench, it could be a little more helpful for Denver.

In addition, he only received a ticket for the second round by sending Highland, but by getting Jackson in the transfer market, he clearly blocked the backcourt power leak. 

He has appeared in 56 games for the Clippers this season. He was a regular starter last season, but this season he started as a starter in 38 games. He recorded 10.8 points (.418 .350 .924), 2.2 rebounds and 3.5 assists in 25.7 minutes per game. 

He averaged 16.8 points last season, but this season his average, including minutes played, has declined. Because of this, the Clippers should be seen as pushing for his trade. 

On the other hand, Denver strengthened its bench line by sending away Highland, who had been a troublemaker, and bringing in Jackson. With Nikola Jokic, Jackson’s offense could shine a little more.

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