The Bruyne returns from PL injury → 1 goal and 1 help… “It’s not a tactic, it’s a talent.” Pep praises

Kevin De Bruyne clearly demonstrated his true worth.

Manchester City defeated Newcastle United 3-2 in the 21st round of the 2023-24 Premier League held at St. James’ Park in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, at 2:30 a.m. on Saturday (Korea time). Manchester City is now in second place.

This match was played by The Bruyne. The Bruyne started off the bench shortly after returning from injury and took the field as a substitute for Bernardo Silva when the team was trailing 1-2 in the 24th minute. The Bruyne scored the equalizer with a sensational shot and led the team to an upset victory by helping Oscar Bobbe to score in the 1st minute of extra time in the second half.

According to the soccer statistics media “Sopa Score,” he recorded 35 balls, 77 percent pass success rate (17 out of 22), three key passes, one cross (nine attempts), one shot on goal, and one blocked shot while playing 21 minutes. His score was the highest at 8.5.

In an interview with TNT Sports, a British media outlet, Gyeonggi The Bruyne said, “I really missed you. I needed time because I had a big injury. I was able to perform well because of my strong will. I can’t play for 90 minutes now. I can play for about 30 minutes.”월카지노

“I’ve never experienced this before. I trained really hard and had to change a few things. It’s very hard to change things when you’re always playing. When I got injured, I had a big blow in the beginning, but I’m not a person who stays still. I enjoyed being able to do things that I couldn’t. I tried hard to come back. I’ll keep working hard and find sharpness,” he explained.

Pep Guardiola said, “I’m a little upset that The Bruyne didn’t score from a free kick. When the opponent is exhausted, The Bruyne offers more chances. We are hungry and want to win the PL again. The Bruyne is pure talent. It’s not tactics, it’s talent that matters.”

The Bruyne left the league’s opening game this season due to an injury. He started in the opening game, but left the stadium 23 minutes after the first half due to an injury. “Unfortunately, The Bruyne is injured again. He told me it’s a matter of being in the same position as the UEFA Champions League. He has to recover and come back,” Guardiola said.

The Bruyne made his comeback against Huddersfield in the third round of the FA Cup. The Bruyne entered the game when he was replaced by Álvarez in the 12th minute of the second half. Fans shouted The Bruyne’s name and gave him a standing ovation when The Bruyne appeared. The Bruyne scored an assist 17 minutes into the game. He also scored an offensive point in this game, scoring an offensive point for the second consecutive game.

Manchester City is expected to fly again with the return of The Bruyne. Manchester City is currently in second place behind Liverpool. It is two points behind Liverpool. It is enough to catch up with Liverpool. In the UCL group stage, they reached the round of 16 with all six wins and will meet Copenhagen. In the round of 32 at the FA Cup, they will play an away match against Tottenham Hotspur. As there is still a possibility of a treble, attention is being paid to how Manchester City will achieve this season following last season.

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