Wandering SON’s best friend will leave again this time… Possibility of accompanying Kim Ji-soo

Sergio Reguilon, 26, who returned from Manchester United, is expected to leave Tottenham immediately. As Australia manager Enzi Postecoglou has no intention of hiring him, Tottenham plans to send Reguilon to another team. Brentford, Kim Ji-soo’s current 19-year-old team, is interested in a loan transfer.

British media “Sky Sports” reported on the 14th (Korea time), “Brentford is exploring the surroundings of Reguilon considering a potential loan transfer. They are looking for a new left-back as Rico Henry (26) is out due to a long-term injury. Reguilon can leave Tottenham again this month after returning from his loan from Manchester United.”라바카지노

Reguilon, who left Tottenham last summer and wore a Manchester United uniform, returned to Tottenham again after not playing a full season. Known as a close colleague of Son Heung-min (31), he has already lost his seat at Tottenham and has to leave North London to get a regular opportunity to play. Tottenham has Ben Davies (30) and Emerson Royal (25) who can assist Destiny Udogi (21) with a strong performance.

Reguilon, who has failed to establish himself in any position, is highly likely to leave the team again this month. Brentford, who wants to recruit left-back, is currently trying to figure out the player’s situation. Brentford has been ruled out for the season after Henry, its main left-back, suffered a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament early in the season. Various players, including Saman Godos (30) and Shanden Baptiste (25), were appointed to the post, but they failed to show satisfactory performance.

Tottenham have no intention of blocking an offer coming to Reguilon. Brentford’s priority is to recruit young players, but they have also opened the door on loan as the situation has not changed. Sky Sports added, “Brentford prefers to recruit young players fully, but they have limited options and are also mindful of recruiting on loan. They like Reguilon back from Manchester United loan.”

Originally from the Spanish national team, Reguilon was a left-back who received attention from big clubs based on his aggressive overlapping and active play when he was playing for Sevilla. He also displayed good cross skills and aggressive support to teammates, winning the UEFA Europa League title in the 2019-20 season. Afterwards, he moved to Tottenham and started a new challenge.

However, his strength in Tottenham was not well revealed, and his unstable defense was hampered, which led to him falling behind in the main competition. He eventually left the team last year on loan to Atletico Madrid, and after his return, he left Manchester United on loan again, classifying himself as an out-of-power resource. He returned this winter, but there is no place for Tottenham.

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