The aftermath of the “Japanese version of Kim Kang-min incident” is still changing the FA compensation player system, saying, “We are divided between pros and cons.”

A player who played for only one team except when he entered the U.S. almost missed the title of “One Team Franchise” due to transfer of FA compensation players. The so-called “Japanese version of Kim Kang-min scandal” did not become a reality, but the aftermath lingered. There is also a possibility that it could lead to a reform of the FA system. Reports have it that the NPB could change its compensation system when recruiting FA players.헤라카지노

Japan’s Daily Sports reported on the 23rd, “NPB is reviewing the FA system in earnest. Multiple officials said that abolition of human compensation (compensation player) in case of transfer of domestic FA is also an option.”

It is said that the initiative came from the general meeting of the athletes’ association in December last year. Tsubasa Aizawa (Hiroshima Karp), the then president of the national team, urged improvements in the FA system, saying that it is also necessary to think again from the ground up. “With this comment as an opportunity, opinions on the review of the system seem to be emerging in Japan as well. It was not discussed at the executive committee held in Tokyo on Tuesday, but it is known that detailed review has already begun last year centering on the Athletes’ Relations Committee, a subcommittee of the national team,” Daily Sports wrote.

Some believe that the “Japanese version of Kim Kang-min scandal” could lead to the abolition of the compensation system. In the middle of this month, Tsuyoshi Wada, a franchise player of the Softbank Hawks, almost left the team as a compensation player for Hotaka Yamakawa, who had moved from Seibu Lions to FA.

Japan’s Nikkan Sports reported on the 11th that Seibu has decided to nominate Wada as an FA compensator for Yamaka. Wada is a veteran born in 1981 and is the only active player who played for the Daie Hawks, the predecessor of Softbank. He has the symbolism of connecting the Hawks and maintained his competitiveness in the first division even at his 40s. He recorded 7 wins and 4 losses with a 2.78 ERA in 17 games in 2022, and 8 wins and 6 losses in 21 games last year with a 3.24 ERA, which will continue his active duty this year.

Softbank, however, reportedly did not include Wada while drafting a list of players to protect after recruiting Yamakawa. It may have decided that it would not nominate a 43-year-old veteran. Seibu, however, tried to make that unexpected choice.

After Nikkan Sports reported that Seibu had named Kaino Hiroshi Wada as its compensator, while Softbank avoided a franchise star leak. However, fans could not stop the criticism. More than anything else, it was fatal that Hiroki Kokubo, the new manager of the team, continued to criticize the team after the team’s decision to exclude the key player, who had announced his entry into the starting rotation, from the 28-member protection list. Analysts said that the team did not work well with the front desk.

“In the past, there were cases where players who were on the starting lineup or veteran players were excluded from the protected list and moved to the team in a surprise move,” Daily Sports said. “In the case of Softbank, many baseball players have called for a review of the current system,” he said. “According to multiple sources in the baseball community, there are pros and cons over personal compensation (reward players) within each team. If it is abolished, a new compensation system needs to be established, and hence the team needs to discuss it carefully. The FA system, which has been around for a long time, has now reached a big turning point.”

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