KBO 25-year-old best second baseman just rose in ML sales… The lesson left by KIA Na Sung-beom and the “time of proof” approaching

Kiwoom Heroes has rolled up its sleeves on Kim Hye-sung’s 25-year-old major league sales. Kim Hye-sung officially approved his advance to the Major League after this season and even gave him the highest annual salary in his eighth year. Kim Hye-sung’s annual salary this season means that his salary exceeded Na Sung-bum’s (550 million won) in 2019.헤라카지노

Kiwoom has built Kim Hye-sung’s pride. Considering that the annual salary is the value of a player, it is a case of proving that he is the best second baseman in KBO and a top-class central infielder. Now, the last device that the club can help with Kim Hye-sung is the position.

Kim Hye-sung requested Hong Won-ki to return to shortstop. However, this area is not strictly a club but a decision game under Hong Won-ki. General manager Ko Hyung-wook also does not mention this at all. If Hong follows the “Kim Hye-sung Sales” policy of his team, it would be just right to go through the process of returning to shortstop. Only when he clearly proves himself as a shortstop can he gain more recognition in the Major League.

However, Hong said, “The future of Kim Hye-sung is important, but today and tomorrow of the team are more important. That is the position of coach himself. In this regard, it seems that the coach is still giving weight to staying at second base, but it is totally unpredictable until he makes a choice.

In any case, the club has virtually nothing to do for Kim Hye-sung anymore. As always with scouts from the Major League Baseball to see Kim Hye-sung, if the U.S. has any questions about Kim Hye-sung, it is all that remains to give him a sincere answer.

This means that it is time for Kim to show off her full performance. Kim is already in personal training and is expected to improve her physical condition by going back and forth between Scottsdale, Arizona and Taiwan. Whether she is playing second base or returning to shortstop, she must prove herself to be the best where she stands. It will be even better if she does well in areas she is good at, such as average, multi-defense, steal and base stealing, and hit more long balls.

The pitch clock and the restrictions on runner checks, which are likely to be applied in the second half, are certainly favorable conditions for Kim Ha-sung. The same is true of the shift limit that will be applied at the opening of the season. Kim Ha-sung is a player who boasts the widest defensive range in the league with his unique feet. He could show his true strength this year.

Adjustment to ABS is a matter of interest. Even though the ball is a course that is difficult for batters to hit, it is recognized as a strike if it passes the strike zone specified in the KBO baseball rules. We need to wait and see how Kim Hye-sung responds. If the batter hits an ultra-high batting average of 330,000 again, the verification process will be effectively over.

Meanwhile, Na Sung-bum, who was summoned by Kim Hye-sung, was paid 550 million won in 2019. However, Na Sung-bum played only 23 games during the 2019 season due to ruptured cruciate ligament. In the end, he had to accept a 50 million won cut in the 2020 season. He tried posting after the 2020 season but failed, and had to give up his dream of entering the Major League. After the 2021 season, there was a search for the status of Major League teams, but it did not lead to him entering the Major League. Later, Na Sung-bum signed a six-year, 15 billion won contract with KIA as a free agent.

This has many implications for Kim as well. After all, the most important thing to be cautious about before entering the Major League is injury. In an interview with Kim about his request to enter the Major League, Ko Hyung-wook asked for an injury-free season. Although his best friend Lee Jung-hoo (26, San Francisco Giants) signed a six-year, $113 million contract despite being out due to an ankle injury during the last season, there is no guarantee that Kim would be treated well if he were to the same situation.

What is promising is that one of Kim’s other strengths is durability. He was virtually ruled out for the season on Sept. 23, 2022, after colliding with SSG pitcher Kim Taek-hyung while running on base against SSG Landers in Incheon. He returned to the game against Doosan Bears in Gocheok on Sept. 23, 2022, 20 days later. This was the longest gap due to injury in recent years. He played in 137 games last year, and played in all 144 games in 2021. He also played in 142 games in 2020.

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