“Thanks to my sisters”… Park Hye-min is back

It started early, but it didn’t last long. He retired to the warm-up zone and just watched the game. The opportunity came after a long time. He generously showed the play he had prepared so far. Women’s professional volleyball KGC Ginseng Corporation outside hitter Park Hye-min (23) recalled her grateful older sisters. They are outside hitter Chae Seon-ah (31) and libero Nolan (29), seniors on the team.

◆ Suna A word from her older sister

Wearing a GS Caltex uniform for the 2018-2019 season, she debuted in the V-League. Through trade, he worked at Ginseng Corporation from the 2021-2022 season. In the first season of the transfer, he played as a starter and scored 205 points (attack success rate 35.13%) in 28 games and recorded a receiving efficiency of 28.47%.

This season, the position has been unstable. Until the 8th, he only scored 102 points (attack success rate 33.21%) and received efficiency 35.65% in a total of 21 games. Compared to last season, his receiving record improved, but there were big ups and downs from game to game. After consistently participating until the 2nd round, he lost his seat from the 3rd round. Ko Hee-jin, director of Ginseng Corporation, replaced Park Hye-min with Chae Seon-ah to stabilize the defense.

Park Hye-min said, “I have a part to do for the team, but I couldn’t do it, so I thought a lot. At first, it was very difficult because I didn’t know how to overcome it,” he recalled.

At that time, Chae Seon-ah’s advice touched my heart. Chae Sun-ah told Park Hye-min, “You have to prepare well. (The last axis of the triangular formation) We must fill this spot together,” he said. “Let’s overcome it together. Don’t be weak,” he said.

Park Hye-min said, “Thank you very much. Watching her sister play, she learned a lot.” She referred to her sister, and she was very helpful,” she raised her voice.

◆A word from sister Ran On the

8th, the IBK Industrial Bank of Korea made a turning point. He returned to the starting lineup and played full-time. He scored 10 points (attack success rate 34.78%), including 2 blocking, and had a receiving efficiency of 55% (20 attempts, 12 accurate attempts, 1 failure). His attack share was 21.7%, his personal best this season. Contributed to a set score of 3-0. 메이저사이트

Park Hye-min said, “(Roh), her older sister told me a lot during the game. She helped me to play calmly,” she said. She always tells me, ‘I can do better,’” she said. She continued, “Everyone on her team helped me. We were able to do well thanks to everyone working together,” she expressed her gratitude.

I have been preparing by focusing on playing calmly. Park Hye-min said, “This is the part that coaches and coaches always emphasize. In the past, I used to jump ahead only with the desire to do well,” he said. “Now I try to maintain my composure during the game. I will try to do it seriously in the future. Now you have to really wake up,” she emphasized.

Director Go Hee-jin was satisfied with Park Hye-min’s change. Director Ko said, “I always had a tendency to float, but I gained a sense of stability. Thanks to that, the receiving was not greatly shaken,” he said. “One game can change a player’s volleyball life. I hope the IBK exhibition will be a good opportunity for Hyemin. He wants to give a lot of compliments,” he smiles. He said, “He continued to play as a starting player at the beginning of the season and has his receiving ability. He said, “He is a player who clearly knows what his role is. He just needs to be confident in the future,” he added.

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