Seongnam FC to reorganize coaching staff ahead of 2024 season… promotion goal

Seongnam FC has completed the formation of a coaching staff that will lead Seongnam in the 2024 season.

The club has reorganized its coaching staff with the aim of being promoted to the K League 1 this season. In addition, by selecting a new second-tier coach, it will strive to strengthen the team and enhance the players’ sense of play.

Choi Cheol-woo will serve as the head coach. Since 2014, he has gained experience by serving as a national team coach by age and a technical committee member of the KFA Youth Division. He can portray the future of Seongnam with Lee Ki-hyeong based on his various experiences, including winning the FA Cup as the head coach of the Jeonnam Dragons in the 2021 season and serving as the head coach of E-Land FC in Seoul.

As a GK coach, coach Song Yoo-geol will join. He coached the players at Jeju United until the previous season and has a high understanding of the players.랭크카지노

Coach Kang Seung-jo joined Seongnam in the 2023 season, placing importance on communication with players based on diverse experiences and leadership, and participated with the team. He is expected to play a role as a bridge between the team and players as he communicates well with the team.

The club appointed a new second-tier coach. Coach Park Jong-jin, who played for Gangwon FC, Suwon Samsung, and Incheon United and served as a coach at Soongsil University until just before, filled the vacancy.

The physical coach will be with coach Park Hyo-joon, who worked with Pohang Steelers from the 2019 to 2022 season. He is fluent in Portuguese, so he can communicate closely with foreign players.

Seongnam FC senior coach Choi Chul-woo said, “The players will train in a good environment called Seongnam FC Club House and prepare for the promotion by looking at only one goal under coach Lee Ki-hyung.”

Meanwhile, Kim Tae-soo, GK coach Kim Si-hoon, and physical coach Kwon Bo-seong, who joined the team in the 2023 season, will leave the team. Seongnam expresses its gratitude to its coaches who have worked hard to unite and communicate with their team this season.

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