Home Run Icon’ A giant dragon promised, “Eagles Park’s last, spectacular with fall baseball.”

Faith led to great results, and conviction led to great results. His team has established itself as a home run icon representing Korean baseball as well as his team. In 2024, he dreams of a higher and more colorful emergency. He is Roh Si-hwan (24) of the Hanwha Eagles, who is already full of postseason and Premier 12.헤라카지노

He has turned his expectations into a reality. It is the birth of a new right-handed pitcher that many people have longed for. He broke up with injuries that he had plagued before, and solidly pursued his own path even during slumps. As a result, he played a full season for the first time but displayed robust performance in two international competitions. He has emerged as the only 30-home-run hitter in the league and the fourth hitter in the national team who will be responsible for the next 10 years. He instantly rose to the top after erasing the label of promising players.

There is no special secret. He made the perfect leap by banking on his routine and belief. “I started exercising for the first time since (Chae) Eun-seong came here. By following my routine from then on, I was able to avoid injury. Coach Choi Won-ho and his training part were thoroughly managed. Thanks to the help of people around me, I completed the season for the first time,” Noh said, looking back on 2023.

When he completed the marathon, he became the home run king and Golden Glove. With 31 home runs, he ranked first in the home run category for the 2023 season and won the golden glove over Choi Jeong. After hitting six home runs in the first eight games in May, he fell into a jinx, but he did not collapse. Despite the slump, he walked his path, looking not at a single hit but a long shot.

“I have faith in my direction. I have decided to go with it consistently even when I can’t,” he said, reflecting on his no-hit 43 consecutive times from the match against SSG in Munhak on May 13 to the match against KIA in Daejeon on May 24. “Although I experienced a long slump, I could not have made another mistake. Had I changed my form and tried to change, I could have had a hit faster. It used to be the same way in the past. I kept changing in a hurry and was shaken up. This time, I decided not to lose my dream of becoming a homerun batter. If I change my form just because I can’t get a hit, I end up swinging in the middle to avoid only striking out. That was exactly how I looked in 2022 when I only had six homers,” he said.

He always took the batter’s box boldly with determination not to be swayed, and drew more than 30 arches before his idol Lee Dae-ho (42, former Lotte). Lee Dae-ho is 28 years old, and has achieved his 30th home run in his 10th year at the age of 23 years and five years.

“If I had changed my form and hit a hit during the slump, I would never have hit many home runs. I trusted myself boldly, whether it was good or bad, by focusing on long-distance shots. To be honest, I never knew that I would become the home run king this fast. 2023 is the year when I gained confidence in my faith,” he said with a smile.

He played in the Hangzhou Asian Games (AG) and the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC). As a batter of the national team, he challenged for the top in both competitions. He won the gold medal in AG and the runner-up in APBC.

The result was good, but I kept the process in mind. He renewed his showdowns with top left-handed pitchers such as Lin Yu-ming of Taiwan and Jihiro Sumida of Japan, vowing to seek revenge. His performance in six games with a batting average of 0.438 OPS 1.140, and four games with a batting average of 0.389 OPS 0.921 on APBC became a thing of the past.

“I won a gold medal in my first competition as a national team player. I was so happy to win the championship, but I still remember meeting good pitchers even more strongly. I knew that there were so many players who were good at baseball in the world,” Noh said, reflecting on the moment he faced off against Japan and Taiwan’s top-rated Young Gun. “Records don’t mean much. There are still quite a few players for the national team. Still, if you keep giving me a chance, I will be responsible and confident that you will do well. I was too beaten by Sumida. In the final, I lost to Japan after a close game. However, I learned a lot by fighting fiercely. I want to fight again in the Premier 12. I really want to take revenge then,” he said, taking part in the next international competition to be held in Tokyo Dome in November 2024.

The ultimate goal is to play in the Major League Baseball (MLB). I have no intention to achieve it in a hurry. The first thing to do is to engrave your name bigger and deeper in Hanwha.

“First of all, it is important to consistently maintain the top position in Korea. I want to do well enough to make my name come to mind when I hear ‘homer,'” Noh said. “I will have a chance to challenge myself to the big stage in 2024. We cannot just spend the last season at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon. We need to finish with a great and colorful finish. I will play autumn baseball to celebrate the last game of the Eagles Park with our fans,” he said.

Until a few years ago, it was a 潛 dragon. However, it ascended nicely ahead of the year of the dragon. It will create a new era to mark the year of the dragon in 2024. You can do it because you gained confidence.

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