“San Francisco Christmas wish. Lee Junghoo can make it come true”

Major League Baseball is curious about Lee Jung-hoo (photo), who entered San Francisco. Analysts say that San Francisco’s biggest wish is for Lee to create a clear identity.월카지노

The official Major League Baseball website cited one of the most important issues for next year for 30 clubs under the title of “Christmas wishes of fans of each club” on the 25th (local time).

Regarding San Francisco, he pointed out that “Lee Jung-hoo is what creates a clear identity for the team.” He added, “It is debatable whether Lee Jung-hoo is a ‘star’, but the Korean star has such performance and personality that San Francisco has been looking for but has not been well revealed.”

San Francisco President Farhan Zaidi said at the Lee Jung-hoo joining ceremony held on the 15th, “In terms of aggression, our team needed a player with contact skills. This is also the baseball that Major League Baseball is pursuing recently,” and emphasized, “The player we wanted to recruit the most this off-season was Lee Jung-hoo.” “Lee Jung-hoo has the ability to quickly recognize the opponent’s pitcher’s pitch,” he said. “This special skill will definitely work in the Major League.”

Lee Jung-hoo entered the U.S. through a posting system and signed a six-year, $113 million contract with San Francisco. It is the best contract for fielders in the history of the San Francisco team, and he has been given special treatment to the extent that he ranks first in annual salary among the current team. In fact, the core of this “Christmas wish” also means that Lee Jung-hoo should pay a ransom.

Lee Jung-hoo’s name has been known to some extent in the Major League through international competitions in recent years, but it is still unfamiliar to fans. Analysts say that San Francisco will be the best gift for fans if the general manager visits Korea to watch Lee Jung-hoo’s game and shows the results of his hard work while signing a large contract that has not been done to any fielders in the team. It is Lee Jung-hoo’s task to clearly show the contact skills that San Francisco expects.

Meanwhile, the official Major League Baseball website said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t have any more presents. Ohtani has already filled a plate (not to mention Yamamoto and Glasnow).”

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