K League head coach who is in his ’40s’ is in his ’50s’

Except for Suwon Samsung, which has yet to make an announcement, all the heads who will sit on the K-League bench for the next season have been decided. Considering that no single coach has changed in the K-League 1 this time last year, there is a big change in the scope of the change. In the first half of this winter alone, four new faces – FC Seoul coach Kim Ki-dong (52), Pohang Steelers coach Park Tae-ha (55), Jeju United coach Kim Hak-beom (63), and Suwon FC coach Kim Eun-joong (44). In the K-League 2, five new faces – Gyeongnam FC coach Park Dong-hyuk (44), FC Anyang coach Yoo Byung-hoon (47), Chungnam Asan coach Kim Hyun-seok (56), Seoul E-land coach Kim Do-kyun (46), and Cheonan City coach Kim Tae-wan (52) – have taken the helm.랭크카지노

What should be noted is that the ages of coaches have gone up. There are two coaches in their 60s whom we have not seen in the past few years. Head coach Kim Hak-beom and coach Choi Yoon-gyeom in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, are 63 and 61, respectively. Kim Hak-beom said, “The age of 60 is over. There are also four coaches in their late 50s. They are Go Jung-woon, manager of Gimpo FC (57), Kim Hyun-suk, manager of Jeonbuk Hyundai (56), and Park Tae-ha. Among the 24 teams excluding Suwon, there are a whopping 12 coaches in their 50s. As the number reaches half, it is comparable to a trend.

On the other hand, coaches in their 40s seem to be slowing down. Over the past few years, the K-League has seen a wave of people in their 40s take the lead. Up until two years ago, there were as many as 13 coaches in their 40s who put their “brother’s leadership” ahead of others. Back then, as many as 70 percent of coaches in their 40s were younger than 45s. However, only three coaches are in their early 40s this year: Daegu FC coach Choi Won-kwon (42), Kim Eun-joong and Park Dong-hyuk. Coach Kim Do-kyun and Busan I-Park coach Park Jin-seop (46), who were representatives of players in their 40s, are now full of years of experience. Daejeon Hana Citizen coach Lee Min-seong, Gangwon FC coach Yoon Jung-hwan and Bucheon FC coach Lee Young-min are now considered as the most prestigious players.

The average age of a coach, who was 47.7 two years ago, has increased to 51.0 this year. The trend of soccer has changed, and the trend of generational change, which accelerated as the front office’s influence increased, seems to have slowed down. The coaches in their 40s, who had been pushing for a new wave, failed to produce any significant results. In the meantime, the K-League’s ranking fight has become fiercer. The recent K-League is where Suwon has been demoted to the second division, and it is unknown where it will go. As a result, veterans who are good at managing with abundant experience naturally began to draw attention again. Gimpo, led by head coach Ko Jung-woon, made a splash last season, further increasing the value of coaches with abundant experience.

Veteran coaches` competition has drawn more attention from the public. In fact, there have been voices of concern that the K-League is moving too far toward younger coaches. In Europe, many coaches are in their late 50s and over 60. This is because they often need more experience and experience than “young” ideas. A new structure has also been created in the competition for coaches. The competition between coaches and former coaches of the Olympic team is already drawing keen attention. Will the Korean players in their 40s become hegemonic again this season, or will the Korean players in their 50s bring in a new theory of jockey? I can’t wait to see if the 2024 season will start.

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