Sacramento Seeks Bezenkov Trade

The Sacramento Kings are looking for a trade.

According to local news, Sacramento could trade Sasha Bezenkov (forward, 203 cm, 102 kg).

Sacramento hired Bezenkov last summer. It confirmed Bezenkov’s performance by sending coach Jay Triano during the season. He then decided that he was competitive in the NBA, and hired him. Sacramento signed a three-year, $20 million contract.월카지노주소

However, Sacramento is hoping for a change in the composition of its forwards. Key case in point was the mention of a possible Harrison Barnes trade in the early days of this season. Sacramento is interested in Kyle Kuzma of the Washington D.C., Dorian Finney-Smith, and Royce O’Neill of the Brooklyn D.C. Unless the spending on nominations is accompanied, it would be difficult to recruit Barnes on pre-existing conditions.

Recently, Jake Fisher, a reporter for Yahoo Sports, announced that Sacramento may not want to trade Barnes. In other words, it is understood that if Barnes can be kept, he is trying to keep it, but strengthen the frontcourt by trading Bezenkov. However, since it is difficult to proceed with the transaction without Barnes, who is trying to recruit the above player, the possibility of a deal is not high.

Bezenkov has not shown any clear side this season. There are still limitations as he is in his first season in the big league. He is trying to adapt, but the rate of melting is relatively slow. Sacramento also has to seek more than a playoff, so it may be better to bring in another power through Bezenkov.

He has played in 33 games so far this season. He played for 12.7 minutes per game and garnered 5.7 points (.456.375.700) and 2.6 rebounds. He used to be a backup power forward and went back and forth intermittently. He can be seen as a practical stretch power forward. However, he has not fully adapted to the NBA, and his value and utility have decreased compared to when he recruited him.

It is worthwhile to make a trade deal. Though he is in his late 20s, he does not feel pressured about remaining contract. His annual salary for this season is about 6.34 million dollars. Although it is a three-year contract, including this season, team options are included in the final year of the contract. In other words, as it can be seen as a two-year contract, the burden of recruiting is not significant. The annual salary for the upcoming 2024-2025 season is also about 6.66 million dollars.

However, there is an ambiguous position to remain a full big leaguer. He can throw out shots, but he is not good enough to play as a built-in small forward in the NBA. This is because of his lack of overall activity and athletic ability. To be a power forward, we cannot overlook his weakness in height and physical struggle. Depending on the situation, he has to step off the bench.

Meanwhile, he dominated the Euroleague last season. He was named the top scorer and forward of the year, as well as the Euroleague MVP, and was named the first team for the second consecutive year. Last season, he led his team to the top of the Greek league and won the league MVP, final MVP, All-Star Game MVP, and top scorer. In 2015, he built a remarkable career, being named the top rebounding king and skill development award.

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