“10 times the score! It’s ‘King without hands'”… Postecoglou also admitted, “You play as important a role as Sonny, I love you.”

Tottenham had a 2-2 draw with Everton in round 23 of the 2023-24 English Premier League (EPL) at Goodison Park in Liverpool, England on the 3rd. Although Tottenham allowed a run at the end of the match after leading 2-1 but showed that Tottenham was holding on well without Son Heung-min.

Tottenham currently has no ace and captain Son Heung-min. He is in the 2023 Asian Cup. He is participating as the ace and captain of the Korean national team. Korea dramatically beat Australia in the quarterfinals to reach the semifinals. Son’s return to Tottenham has been postponed.헤라카지노

While Son Heung-min is away, Hisalisson is exploding. His sense of scoring has risen. He also scored multiple goals against Everton. It is the third consecutive league goal since Son Heung-min left.

He has also scored 10 goals in the league this season. He has scored double digits. Hisalisson, which had been under fire for only one goal in the league last season, is showing off its true value. He had one goal in 27 league games last season, and 10 goals in 20 league games this season. His scoring ability has increased by a whopping “10 times.” Moreover, there are still many more games to play.

While Son Heung-min is away, Hishalisson is scoring, so Tottenham can hold out. Both Enze Postecoglou and Tottenham manager recognized the “king without hands.”

Postecoglou said before Everton: “Hishalisson scores a lot of goals. I can feel his confidence. His performance is improving, and this is important for the team. I know what kind of player Hishalisson is, and I was sure he would score goals.”

“Sonny played a really important role when he was on the team. Now Hishalisson is not falling out of that role either. Hishalisson is working really hard for the team. We are expecting more from Hishalisson,” he said.

Lastly, Postecoglou said, “His play is improving. I love this part. I like a player who wants to improve, to improve steadily. I could see Hisalisson develop, and that’s how I want to look. Hisalisson is becoming a really important player for us.”

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