Russia lost its place, even deprived of the right to host the World Aquatics Championships… Kazan → Singapore

Russia has been stripped of the right to host the 2025 World Aquatics Championships. The venue was changed from Kazan, Russia to Singapore.

The International Swimming Federation announced on the 9th (local time) that it has decided to hold the 2025 World Aquatics Championships in Singapore.

The 2025 World Aquatics Championships were originally scheduled to be held in Kazan, Russia. The Grána International Swimming Federation did not grant the right to host the event to Russia, which invaded Ukraine. 바카라

After Russia invaded Ukraine in February last year, the International Swimming Federation imposed sanctions banning Russia and Belarus from participating in international competitions helping Russia.

Moreover, the World Junior Championships and Short Course (25m) World Championships, which were scheduled to be held in Kazan, Russia last year, were held in Lima, Peru and Melbourne, Australia, respectively.

The World Swimming Championships is the most prestigious competition organized by the International Swimming Federation, where management, diving, artistic swimming, water polo, open water swimming and high diving events are held.

The World Aquatics Championships, which will be held in Fukuoka, Japan in July, will be the 20th event. Then, in February 2024, the competition will be held in Doha, Qatar.

Singapore is the first Southeast Asian country to host the World Aquatics Championships. This marks the third consecutive World Aquatics Championships held in Asia, starting with Japan, followed by Qatar and Singapore.

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