Why are the key players of the 1st team going to the 2nd team camp? No blame, Kiwoom’s fresh reverse idea

When Kiwoom announced the 2023 Spring Camp roster, many people tilted their heads at the attempt of a new method. This is because players who played a significant amount of time in the first team last year went to the second team camp, and instead, players unknown to fans joined the first team camp.

In fact, names more familiar to fans, such as Choi Won-tae, Song Seong-moon, Kim Woong-bin, Jeon Byung-woo, Kim Jun-wan, Park Chan-hyuk, and Lee Yong-kyu, left for the 2nd tier Taiwan Kaohsiung camp rather than the 1st tier Arizona camp. It is different from the usual teams.

Usually, teams first put key players who played in the first team and players who will play in the first team this year into the first team camp roster first, and then add players who are looking forward to it or who need to check their skills to complete the roster. The difference in name value between groups 1 and 2 is quite large. Until last year, it was difficult to see that Kiwoom had deviated greatly from this formula. But this year, I tried to reverse the idea.

Kiwoom director Hong Won-ki said that such a reverse idea is helpful in planning power. Coach Hong said, “A large number of new players or rookie players have joined the US camp. The players who need to check their skills with their own eyes have come.” Players with poor pace in the beginning were dualized to quickly improve their condition, focusing on games.”

Just because he is in the 2nd Army now does not mean that he was excluded from responsibilities or military power, but rather chose to break up for a while in order to spend more fruitfully in the 1st Army this year. Anyway, coach Hong and the first-team coaching staff fully know these players’ skills and strengths and weaknesses. Conversely, new players may report well in the 2nd team, but the 1st team coaching staff has limitations in evaluating their skills unless they see them with their own eyes. To do this, the camp roster was shuffled. 슬롯사이트

Coach Hong and the coaching staff of Kiwoom’s first team got an opportunity to carefully examine the skills of players they hadn’t seen before for a very long time, slowly and carefully. In order to make good use of this opportunity, we are observing with a hawk’s eye. Coach Hong said, “At the finish camp in November, I received a report on the new players and good players, and I went and saw them myself.” It’s going smoothly,” he said.

First of all, the key is to deepen the player base on the mound. We are looking forward to joining veterans such as Won Jong-hyun and Lim Chang-min. Manager Hong said, “Last year, young players had a great game experience, so I expect them to get better and better in all aspects, including skills, mentality, and relaxation on the mound. There are many such young pitchers.” If young players follow veteran pitchers’ body care and experience on the mound well, I expect them to perform well this year.”

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