‘Professional solicitation controversy’ A independent team executive also pocketed player participation allowance this time

It has been revealed that an executive of an independent team A, who received a large amount of money and valuables from an independent baseball team player under the bait of joining a KBO league team, pocketed a player’s participation allowance this time.헤라카지노

According to MHN Sports coverage on the 17th, the A independent baseball team executive asked the players to pay additional fees for off-season training as an independent league participation allowance (hereinafter referred to as participation allowance).

The participation allowance was created by Gyeonggi Province Governor Kim Dong-yeon last year to reduce the burden of private expenses for independent baseball team players. The allowance was given in a way that was not delivered to the club, but directly to the players.

Here’s the situation. The independent baseball team A extended the training period for an additional week or so, and covered the expenses with players’ participation allowances. However, the players who actually paid the expenses were also reportedly not included in the extension of the training period, but players who had nothing to do with the additional expenses, such as players who did not participate in the training and players who joined in the middle of the schedule.

In addition, according to data obtained by MHN Sports, it was confirmed that the independent baseball team A received the players’ participation allowance not through the club’s corporate bank account, but through the personal bank account of the CEO of the independent baseball team.

An independent baseball team executive A, who contacted this paper on the evening of the 16th, said, “All the players received consent and received a participation allowance. Even if we were paid with our personal bank account, we clarified the approval.”

However, according to the tax law, it is known that depositing money to be deposited into a corporation into a personal bank account such as a representative can cause legal problems.

In addition, it was additionally confirmed that the “agreement of all players” claimed by an independent baseball team executive was talking to the players verbally rather than writing an agreement, and that some players did not express their consent during the conversation.

Asked in this paper if he would like to return the allowance to the players, an executive of an independent baseball team said, “It is right that I did not write an agreement. However, I have clearly received consent from the players,” but added, “I will return the allowance to the players who claim that they did not agree.”

An executive of the independent baseball team A said, “I received the players’ participation allowance through my personal bank account, but I would like to tell you that I did not make a profit of even 10 won,” adding, “The damage was so severe that there was a problem with the operation of the club.”

Regarding the controversy over professional solicitation, he left a brief response, saying, “I will sincerely respond to the police investigation next week.”

An official from the Gyeonggi-do Baseball Association said on the same day, “The participation allowance is a system created solely for players. It is wrong for the club to take it,” adding, “The association is also preparing for disciplinary action over the fact that the A club was paid to the CEO’s personal bank account, not the corporate bank account, and the previous professional solicitation.”

Meanwhile, according to additional coverage in this paper, executives and CEO of the independent baseball team A, who caused problems related to professional solicitations and attendance allowances, recently expressed their intention to resign.

Separately, the Gyeonggi-do Baseball Association will confirm disciplinary action against the executives as soon as possible.

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