Preview of the 2023 KLPGA Rookie of the Year… Carrier Air Conditioner MTN Rookie Championship

The ‘2023 Carrier Air Conditioner MTN Rookie Championship (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Rookie Championship’) will be broadcast for the first time on SBS Golf on the 30th and Money Today Broadcasting (MTN) on the 4th of next month to meet viewers.

The ‘Rookie Championship’, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, is a place of confrontation to explore the skills of rookies before the opening of the regular season of the 2023 Korean Women’s Golf (KLPGA) tour. This year, it will be held at Dalit Bay Country Club in Kota Kinabalu.

A total of 12 players who have played the seed match on the regular tour will participate. Based on the seed rankings, Lee Ju-hyeon (22nd), Yun Da-hyun (24th), Shin Yu-jin (26th), Yoon Su-ah (28th), and Kim So-jeong (30th). 먹튀검증

The 12 participating players will first determine the 6 finalists through one-on-one match play. For the losing players, the top two players join the quarterfinals tournament through the loser’s revival match (stroke play). After that, the champion will be decided through quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals.

The ‘supporter system’ will add fun to the game. Participating players can freely select a supporter player, and when designated, the supporter assumes the role of the player’s caddy.

In the previous rookie championships, top players of the current KLPGA tour, such as Lim Hee-jeong (22), Cho Ah-yeon (22), Lee So-young (25), Lee Da-yeon (25), Heo Da-bin (24), and Ha Min-song (26), participated as rookies.

This year’s tournament will be broadcast for 13 weeks, starting with the match between Pro Joo-Hyun Lee and Pro Soo-Hyeon Kang. SBS Golf is every Monday at 9:00 PM, and Money Today Broadcasting (MTN) is every Saturday at 3:00 PM.

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