“Are you laying down for an interview?” 196cm Manchester United striker, too tall to happen

 The interview scene with Boot Behorst (30, Man United) is a hot topic.

British media ‘The Sun’ said on the 30th (Korean time), “Manchester United fans laughed out loud when they saw Behorst’s interview. It was because he was so tall that the camera composition couldn’t catch him at once.”

Manchester United recently played Arsenal away at the Emirates Stadium in London, England. Behorst started as a forward striker for Manchester United. The match resulted in a 2-3 defeat by Manchester United. Manchester United played a 2-2 game, but conceded the winning goal at the end of the second half and lost with a one-goal difference.

After the game, the Manchester United team headed to the team bus through the mixed zone (joint coverage area). This is a space where reporters can freely interview players. A reporter called Behorst and asked for an interview. Behorst approached the camera and prepared an answer.

But there’s a problem. The reporter set up his phone camera on a tripod and prepared for an interview with Behorst, but Behorst’s face did not appear on the screen. Because of his great height, only parts of his upper and lower body were caught on camera. 바카라사이트

This journalist showed improvisation. He didn’t shorten the camera tripod and lay the phone horizontally. It was only then that Berochst’s body was barely captured on camera. The reporter and Behorst continued the interview with this composition.

The interview video was widely spread through social media (SNS). Soccer fans who saw this said, “Behorst wrote a new history of interviews. It’s the first time I’ve seen an interview while lying down after a game.” He pointed to a screen that stretched horizontally and looked like Behorst was lying down.

Behorst is a tall striker who was urgently hired by Manchester United through the winter transfer market in January. He is 196 cm tall. Having previously played for Burnley in the English Premier League (EPL) and transferred to Turkiye Besiktas on loan, he said, “I am happy to be back in England.”

There was another happening that was issued because he was tall. Premier League broadcaster ‘Sky Sports’ was unable to take pictures of Behorst’s line-up introduction. In the end, it was replaced with a composite photo of only Behorst’s face on another player’s body. He came out shorter than the actual Behorst physical, so he looked like a winner. It turned out that the face of Behorst was synthesized on the body of 170 cm Juan Mata.

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