Preller SD general manager “The new coach is someone who can share the vision with the club”

The San Diego Padres parted ways with manager Bob Melvin. What kind of person will the new manager be?

In a video interview with reporters on the 26th (Korean time), Padres general manager AJ Preller revealed the reasons behind the breakup with manager Melvin and his thoughts on appointing a new manager.

“We are grateful to Coach Melvin for his dedication over the past two years. “I hope he does well with his new team,” Preller said, adding, “I understood that (moving to coach San Francisco) would be a unique opportunity for him. “He thought the idea of ​​going back and coaching his hometown team was a big attraction for him,” he said of his reasons for allowing Melvin to move on.

Melvin chose to transfer to San Francisco even though he had one year left on his contract with San Diego. Like when they previously recruited Melvin, who had remaining contract with the Oakland Athletics, he did not receive any special compensation from the San Francisco team.

Preller said he thought they were in the opposite situation two years ago, and explained the background by saying, “We decided it was in the best interest of the club organization to let employees know right away when other teams were interested.”

Regarding the worsening relationship between the two, which was reported in the media, he said, “Of course, there were things that needed to change when he came here after coaching in Auckland, and I also made changes while working with the new manager,” but added, “The relationship in business has changed over the past two years.” “I don’t think it has changed much,” he denied.

He said he was ready to continue working with Melvin, saying, “I myself was preparing for Melvin to continue to coach our team.”

However, Melvin left, and the team had to find a new coach.

He will be the fourth head coach he hires, following Andy Greene (2016-19), Jace Tingler (2020-21) and Melvin (2022-23).

Preller said, “It is true that I have gained experience through the manager selection process, but each situation is different. While Green was in a rebuilding situation when he was hired, Jays and Melvin were choices that focused on winning games. “The same goes for the next coach,” he said, adding that he will look for a coach who can lead the team to the postseason.스포츠토토

He selected “someone who can share the vision of the club organization” as a condition for a new manager. He said, “I don’t want a ‘yes man.’ He wants someone who is clear when speaking his mind. He added, “Our club encourages people to express their thoughts in all discussions.”

Regarding the new director, he explained that many candidates have begun to show interest, saying, “Interesting and outstanding names have expressed interest.”

Finding a manager to lead a major league team is a very important task for the club. Preller, who is well aware of this, expressed his caution by saying that he would begin the process of selecting a director “without setting a deadline.”

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