‘Likely to be selected for PO 1st round’ NC pedi lover “I know the late Choi Dong-won! When you hit a batted ball… ” 

“Do you know that Peddie is a strong MVP candidate this season?”

“I know! Even the late Choi Dong-won knows!”

Game 3 of the 2023 KBO semi-playoffs between NC Dinos and SSG Landers held at Changwon NC Park on the 25th. Sports Seoul exclusively met Jordan McCullough (26), the lover of NC pitcher Eric Peddy (30).

Jordan travels between the U.S. and Korea to support her boyfriend, Peddie. She returned to Korea on the 16th to support Peddie, who is scheduled to play in the fall baseball game, and often visits NC Park to support not only Peddie but also the NC team. She watched the game with the family of another foreign pitcher, Tanner Turley, who was also a starting pitcher that day.

In this year’s regular season, Peddie achieved the ‘triple crown’ by sweeping the categories of wins, average ERA, and strikeouts with 20 wins, 6 losses, an ERA of 2.00, and 209 strikeouts.

The triple crown in the pitcher category is a feat achieved by only four people in the 42-year history of Korean professional baseball, following Sun Dong-yeol of the Haitai Tigers (1986, 1989, 1990, 1991), Hyun-jin Ryu of the Hanwha Eagles (2006), and Seok-min Yoon of the KIA Tigers (2011). am. He is considered the league’s No. 1 Most Valuable Player (MVP). Unless there is an upset, Peddie is likely to win the MVP award.

When I asked Jordan, “Do you know that Peddie is a strong MVP candidate this season?” Jordan responded, “Of course I know. I’m so proud of him. Choi Dong-won also knows,” he replied. Jordan first brought up the name of a great pitcher, clearly saying the three letters of the name of the legendary pitcher Choi Dong-won, who passed away from illness in 2011. He couldn’t believe his ears and asked, ‘Do you know Choi Dong-won?’ He smiled brightly and said, “I know very well.”

Peddy is the 1983 Sammi Superstars’ Jang Myeong-bu (30 wins, 220 strikeouts), the 1984 Lotte Giants’ late Choi Dong-won (27 wins, 223 strikeouts), the 1985 Samsung Lions’ Kim Si-jin (25 wins, 201 strikeouts), and the 1986 Haitai Sun Dong-yeol. He also set records of 20 wins and 200 strikeouts, which only legendary pitchers achieved, such as (24 wins, 214 strikeouts). There were many comments that he was compared to Choi Dong-won and Sun Dong-yeol for his best performance throughout the season.

In addition, because Peddie received the ‘Choi Dong-won Award’, Jordan may have engraved the deceased’s name even more. Peddie was selected as the winner of the ’10th BNK Busan Bank Choi Dong-won Award’ hosted by the Choi Dong-won Memorial Association on the 17th. In his acceptance speech at the time, Fedi said, “It is a great honor to receive the Choi Dong-won Award,” and added, “It was a great help to me that my family and girlfriend Jordan came to Korea and were always by my side and supported me.”

He said that he was very satisfied with his life in Korea. “Pedi and I are really happy with our lives here,” Jordan said. People are so kind and nice. “My ‘favorite’ food is pork belly,” he said with a laugh.

We also asked about Pedi’s physical condition, which was Chomi’s concern. Peddie was hit on the arm during the game in his final appearance in the 2023 KBO League regular season and has not been seen on the field since. Everyone’s interest throughout the postseason was when Peddie would return.

“His doctors and team probably know his condition better than I do, but he is getting better,” Jordan said. “He doesn’t seem to be at 100% condition, but he has really improved a lot,” he emphasized. Jordan said, “When Peddie was hit by a batted ball in the game against KIA on the 16th, I was on the plane coming from the United States to Korea at the time. I heard the news late through a text message. “I was really worried and scared,” he confessed.메이저사이트

On this day, NC won 7-6 over SSG and confirmed advancement to the playoffs. After the game, NC coach Kang In-kwon said, “If we had lost today, Peddie would have pitched in the 4th game of the semi-playoffs. He said, “Roseun Peddie is currently in perfect physical condition and can start in the first game of the playoffs.”

Lastly, Jordan said, “Peddie, I’m so proud of you. You have always been dedicated to the team and baseball itself. I always love and support you. He left a warm message, saying, “I hope NC rises to the top.”

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