Pirella is ‘on a roll’? League’s strongest outfield completed, rivaling LG, Kia The league’s smallest giant is “first to work every day”

Who has the best second-half batting average among hitters with 40 or more second-half at-bats?

It’s not Samsung’s Koo Ja-rook or KIA’s Na Sung-bum. It’s Kim Sung-yoon (24), who at 1.63 meters tall is the shortest outfielder in the league along with Kim Ji-chan.

His 37 hits in 17 at-bats (0.459) are higher than Koo’s (0.433) and Na’s (0.404).

Does that mean their OPS is lower? Not really.

He has a 1.107 OPS with a 0.595 on-base percentage and a 0.512 slugging percentage. That’s slightly lower than Na’s 1.177 (0.660+0.517), but not by much. It’s higher than Koo’s 1.061 (0.582+0.479).

An outfielder from an unknown backup. It doesn’t look like a flash in the pan.

Kim Sung-yoon has only one downside. It’s his short stature. When he was a member of the Yangsan Wondong-joong, the source of the Cheongnyong Gogyo baseball runner-up team, Mulmulgo, which ended on July 27, he was a beast of a player with such perfect qualities that he was evaluated as a player who would go to the major leagues if he were taller.

In reality, Kim Sung-yoon is a tool guy. He has tremendous speed, strong shoulders, a bulked-up frame, and batting power that radiates from his swing speed. A 22-year-old reserve outfielder who served in the military as a Marine. Attractive.

Kim Sung-yoon, who started in left field while Jose Pirela was sidelined with an illness, has been a happy distraction on the bench.

Powerful bat with a simple, quick swing speed that doesn’t back away from the plate easily. He pushes off and generates a series of sharp hits. His feet are so quick that he makes the infield nervous. Reaches first base in 3.8 seconds. Against pitchers who don”t have this quickness, a single is like a double.

His outfield defense is also top-notch. An outfielder who can play all positions in the outfield, including center field and the corner outfield. His quick feet allow him to cover an incredible amount of ground. He throws his whole body to make the catch. He also has strong shoulders. LG Park Hae-min, the best center fielder in the league, was envious of Kim Sung-yoon’s strength when he was at Samsung.

It’s hard not to use a player like this when Pirela returns. Samsung’s outfield features some of the best late-season talent in the game, including Kim Hyun-joon and Gu Za-rook.

Kim Sung-yoon, Kim Hyun-joon, and Gu Za-rook are the strongest outfielders in the league, and Pirela is back to add to that. This is the strongest outfield lineup in the league, comparable to LG (Moon Sung-joo, Park Hae-min, Hong Chang-gi, Kim Hyun-soo) and KIA (Lee Woo-sung, Socrates, Na Sung-beom, Choi Hyung-woo). Kim Sung-yoon completed it.
Why is this perfect 5-tool player only now seeing the light of day?

Kim Sung-yoon was a ready-made outfielder who combined natural ability with tremendous effort. In the Futures League, he had three triples in four straight seasons before and after joining the military. Last year, he hit a whopping 3 for 6. However, with a solid outfield lineup, he hasn’t been able to get consistent playing time.

When he did get a chance, he was overwhelmed by the pressure to do well. I put unnecessary effort into it, and my over-engagement led to unnecessary plays.메이저놀이터

However, after his strong performance in the Futures League last year, he has been given more first-team opportunities this season, and he has begun to hit his stride and establish himself as a solid first-team player.

Despite his talent, Kim Sung-yoon is one of the hardest working players on the team. “He is always the first player to come to Lions Park in the morning to lift weights during home games,” a Samsung official said.

Despite his small stature, he has developed the power to squat as high as Kim Dong-yeop, the team’s top big man.

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