Kim Do-gyun’s game plan, captain, coach, and tactics all changed during the crisis.

Suwon FC coach Kim Do-gyun’s keyword ahead of the ‘Suwon Derby’ was ‘change’.

Suwon FC hadn’t won in eight games before the ‘Suwon Derby’. They were in a slump with 2 draws and 6 losses, and had fallen into the relegation zone. With Suwon Samsung and Gangwon FC on top of the table, there was even talk in the soccer world that Suwon FC could fall to the bottom. Kim felt a sense of urgency. The All-Star break was his last chance. Kim decided to make some big changes.

First, he changed the captain. He gave the captain’s armband to Lee Young-jae. He also changed the vice captains to Jung Dong-ho and Shin Se-jo. Coach Kim accepted Yoon’s wishes and found a new captain, as he was struggling to fulfill his duties as captain. He chose Lee Young-jae to bridge the gap between seniors and rookies. At first, Young-jae said he felt overwhelmed by his older brothers, but Kim convinced him to wear the captain’s armband.

The team also strengthened its coaches. They brought back Lee Jung-soo, who had been with the team until last season. Lee was well-received as a head coach. He did a good job of connecting with the players. He was also in charge of organizing the defense. As the number of goals conceded increased, the coaching staff’s need for a defensive specialist grew, and the return of Lee, who knew the team’s situation, solved the problem.

Tactics. Kim is a free-flowing coach. He designs tactics that allow his players to play to their hearts’ content. He maximized the strengths of his players by using flexible mercenary tactics, switching between one and two up top, three and four backs. Lee Seung-woo, Ras, Murillo, and Lee Kwang-hyuk have been the main driving force behind Suwon’s resurgence. It worked well until last season. Suwon FC achieved promotion, Final A, and more with their attacking style of play.

However, this season, the players didn’t perform as well as expected. Last season, the offense made up for the deficiencies in the defense, but not this season. The offense was not as strong as before, scoring fewer goals and conceding more. Kim changed things up. He switched to more tactically organized football.

It paid off. After a 2-7 drubbing at the hands of FC Seoul, Suwon FC showed some improvement defensively, conceding only one goal apiece against Jeonbuk Hyundai and Gwangju FC (both 0-1 losses). During the break, the backline was further organized and the attack was tinkered with, with the “Lee Seung-woo shift” being the key: Lee Seung-woo, who usually plays on the left wing or as a shadow striker, was moved to central midfield. Yoon Beom-garam struggled, but the ‘Lee Seung-woo card’ was inserted into a midfield that was lacking in forward movement.온라인바카라

It worked. The big change paid off for Suwon FC. They won the Suwon Derby against Suwon Samsung 2-0 on the 5th. The change of captain brought the team closer together, and Lee’s presence on the bench gave the team more depth. The “Lee Seung-woo Shift” was a huge success. Lee played so well that you’d think he’d be best suited in central midfield. His creativity was on full display, and defensively, he did an impressive job of tying down their key midfielder, Kazuki. While the attacking colors may have faded a bit, Suwon FC added a new color of stability to the team.

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