Only two major leaguers will be produced, 2016 youth representative, Korean baseball legend?

The number of people who were selected for the youth national team in 2016 is now more likely to become “all-time” members.헤라카지노주소

At that time, in preparation for the Asian Youth Championship in Taiwan, the Korea Baseball Softball Association formed the best players with the goal of winning. Not only the players who received the first nomination from each club, but also the players who were selected in the top round at the 2017 Rookie Nomination Conference, and the second-year members were quite spectacular. However, unlike this splendor, the Asian Championship at the time had to be stigmatized as the worst competition ever due to the bad judgment of the judges, but the members at that time simply performed the best.

Only two major leaguers, including Lee Jung-hoo and Ko Woo-seok, are produced, and one is also waiting for posting next year
Many representatives for last year’s Asian Games were selected

The members who won the bronze medal at the Asian Championships at that time were as follows.

Pitchers: Ko Woo-seok (Chungam High School → LG → San Diego), Park Chi-guk (Jemul High School → Doosan), Son Joo-young (Gyeongnam High School → LG), Kim Tae-hyun (Kim Sa-jeong → NC), Yang Chang-seop (Deok High School 2nd grade → Samsung), Ha Joon-young (Seongnam High School 2nd grade → KIA → NC), Kim Min (Yoo Shin High School 2nd grade → KT)

Catcher: Na Jong-deok (Nagyunan after the name, Masan Yongmago → Lotte), Kim Hyung-joon (Se High School 2nd grade → NC)

Infielders: Lee Jung-hoo (Hui Moongo → Raising → San Francisco), Kim Hye-sung (Incheon Dongsan High School → Raising), Park Sung-han (Suncheon Hyocheon High School → SSG), Kim Min-soo (Jemulpo High School → Lotte), Kim Sung-hyeop (Seongnam High School → LG), Kang Baek-ho (SNU 2nd grade → KT)

Outfielders: Kim Sung-yoon (Pocheol High School → Samsung), Park Jung-woo (Deok High School → KIA), Lee Jung-beom (Incheon High School → SSG)

Among them, only two Major Leaguers have been produced. Lee Jung-hoo, who started at shortstop and played all infield positions at the time, used to wear a catcher mask when he was a freshman in high school. He displayed impressive batting performance by batting .60 before his injury, and was able to win the first nomination of Kiwoom (then Nexen). The same applies to Cho Woo-seok, the ace of Choongam. Ko Woo-seok, who showed the best performance among right-handed pitchers in that year, succeeded in transitioning from starting to finishing as he was nominated in the first round by LG, and will play in the Major League with his brother-in-law Lee Jung-hoo from this season.

However, another major leaguer could be added next year. Kiwoom’s Kim Hye-sung has also announced that he will apply for posting after the end of this season, and Kiwoom is also willing to send him. Kim Hye-sung, who was also selected in the second round in the draft at the time, was one of the brightest stars in high school baseball that year, receiving the Lee Young-min batting award. He was also the centerpiece of the team at last year’s Hangzhou Asian Games.

In addition to Kim Hye-sung, there are other members who played in the Asian Games. Among the two catchers for the national youth team, Na Kyun-an successfully turned into a pitcher after joining the professional league, and finally made the national team, while Kim Hyung-joon played as the main catcher. Including Park Sung-han of SSG, outfielder Kim Sung-yoon and Kang Baek-ho, the youngest player in the national youth team, led the team by hitting four times. As many as seven players from the 2016 national youth team (Go Woo-suk, Na Kyun-an, Kim Hye-joon, Kim Hye-sung, Park Sung-han, Kang Baek-ho and Kim Sung-yoon) are members of the Hangzhou Asian Games gold medal team.

In addition to their outstanding performances on the international stage, most of the players who played for the youth national team eight years ago are preparing for the season with high expectations from the team. And they all share the common denominator of the present and future of Korean baseball.

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