“It falls at a right angle” No. 1 Yamamoto Curve, No. 2 Yamamoto Slider, No. 4 Yamamoto Folk Ball, and Byeonjigu are also incomparable classes

Fastballs are powerful but breaking balls are incomparable to others. Japanese professional baseball legends pointed out the curve thrown by Yoshinobu Yamamoto as the best breaking balls. Yamamoto’s curveball ranking was announced through the official YouTube channel of the Japanese Professional Baseball Classic, a group of legends, and Yamamoto’s curveball ranked first.

Seichi Uchikawa, 42, who faced Yamamoto as an active player, said, “It’s amazing that he throws a curve ball and catches the count.” He said Yamamoto will be able to get a curve ball in the Major League as his ball control is stable. He said this strength enabled him to sign a 12-year, 325 million-dollar contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers.헤라카지노

Uchikawa played in 2022 games for Yokohama BayStars, Softbank Hawks, and Yakult Swallows in 21 seasons, recording 2,186 hits and a batting average of .302. He played for Softbank until 2019, then moved to Yakult, where he retired after the 2022 season. He likely faced Yamamoto, who joined in 2017 when he was Softbank, a member of the Pacific League like Orix.

Veteran outfielder Yohei Oshima (39) of the Chunichi Dragons said, “Yamamoto’s curveball drops at a right angle in a circle. The unique trajectory makes it difficult to attack.”

Oshima, who joined the Chunichi Dragons in 2010, is an active player who played in 1,811 games and had 2021 hits until last year. He said, “I hope that Yamamoto will play well in the Major League and show that he is not as bad as a Japanese batter.”

Yamamoto’s slider was ranked second in the best breaking ball following the curve ball. Kanemoto, a former Hanshin Tigers manager, also served as the team’s manager

Moaki (56) said, “The release point is good, so it’s hard to hit even if a left-handed hitter is aiming for it.”

Kanemoto, who played as a major hitter for Hiroshima Karp and Hanshin, recorded 2,539 hits, 476 home runs and 1,521 RBIs in 2,578 games.

Chiba Lotte Marines fastball pitcher Sasaki Rocky (23) ranked third, and Yamamoto’s forkball was also ranked fourth.

Earlier, the YouTube channel announced the ranking of fastballs. Sasaki was ranked first. Sasaki tied the Japanese highest speed at 165 kilometers per hour last year. He tied with Shohei Ohtani with the highest speed. Shunpeita Yamashita (22) of Orix and Yamamoto (22) of Orix came in second to third.

Yamamoto dominated the Nippon Professional Baseball by banking on his fastballs, which maintained a mid-to-middle speed of 150 kilometers per hour, strong curves, sliders, and folk balls. He won the Sawamura Award, the league MVP, and the Golden Glove Award for the third consecutive year between 2021 and 2023. He is considered the closest pitcher to perfection because of his good ball control.

The Myeongguhoe is a collection of legends who have made 2,000 hits, 200 wins, and 250 saves in the U.S.-Japan professional baseball league. Yoshihisa Hirano, 40, a closing pitcher of the Orix Buffaloes, had his 29th save of this season against the Nippon-Ham Fighters in October last year, meeting the requirements to join the league. Since his debut with the Orix Buffaloes in 2006, he has made 242 saves in Japan and eight in the Major League.

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